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Dead Island Revealed to be Released this Year for the PS3 |

Originally announced in 2007 for a 2008 release on the Xbox 360, it looks like Techland has finally set a release for this year with publisher Deep Silver on board, to release on the Playstation 3 and PC as well. Dead Island is described as a first-person melee combat game with RPG elements and weapon customization, set on a open world tropical island. There will be 4-player co-op on a drop-in, drop-out type system.

IGN posted an article about the game and mentions that because the setting is a Tropical Paradise, guns will be scarce and “players will be forced to scavenge for objects and use them to beat their undead foes into submission.”

No specific date has been announced, but it will be released this year.

There are two older trailers after the jump.

NOTE: These trailers are teasers from 2007/8 and might not be representative of the current game to be released.

  • The new trailer is freaking epic. It looks like it could be a movie. Despite that zombies have become cliche in the video game world (I thought the dead horse had been beaten to oblivion when I heard about RDR Undead Nightmare), but if the game is anywhere as epic as that trailer, it’ll be worth it.

  • dave

    never heard of this game, but I do like zombie apocalypse games like the L4D series and dead nation but this game looks like its going to havea a story and seems very depression by the top trailer, but it has very good sound track and the 2nd trailer starting at 0:27 sounds pretty cool as well.

  • I heard about this game a long time ago and then never heard of it again. I think the trailer was done extremely well. As @MAINEiac4434 said if the game is anywhere as epic the trailer that it’s going to be worth getting!

  • Beastxjason

    zombies-Im sold. Scared if I pre-order it will never come out 😛

  • lordincubus

    Original Trailer looks really good. I love the concept of it. But the game will be boring same old.

  • Kenny6774

    I never got to play L4D… this looks extra EPIC and look like I will be picking this up.

  • cherico

    look on the fathers shirt when he drops the girl in the end :O 06/15 ? tht the release date ?

  • cherico: look on the fathers shirt when he drops the girl in the end :O 06/15 ? tht the release date ?  

    Interesting. Probably a coincidence, but that would be very shrewd by Deep Silver to advertise a tentative release date somewhere very few people would notice, as to not get their hopes up. Nice catch, @cherico.

  • Oly

    cherico: look on the fathers shirt when he drops the girl in the end :O 06/15 ? tht the release date ?  

    Def a good catch, but there is also other numbers that are there..?? hmm I’ll see what I can dig up

  • hmm looks interesting. alway enjoy zombie games

  • Oly

    Eddie: video in reverse…or rather forward…  

    Totally different look this way IMO.. I think it’s def more dramatic in reverse

  • Awesome trailer. Maybe everything is better in reverse!

  • pedro

    Reverse trailer is awesome!

    I’d like to heat more about it (since i’ve never heard of this series)