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Game Night Recap Feb 15th – MGO |

Last night was a spur of the moment game night. Kane112 was the only one that showed up. He even meet me in the PlayStation Home Clubhouse. We decided to play Metal Gear Online. I created a Instructor game and taught him things I’ve learned about MGO over the years. Eventually he qualified to be promoted to an MGO Instructor himself. The ceremony is pretty funny.

After that we found some games to join and he did very well for playing MGO for the first time. Did some team death match for a bit. Then I created a custom game for us and others joined soon after. We did sneaking mission (my fav), base and team sneaking. I succeeded as Snake once which is a tough thing to do.

Kane112 gets 50 points for showing up and another 50 for becoming a official MGO Instructor!

  • Beastxjason

    Salutes Kane

  • You know its funny. I played the MGO beta non stop, loved it (I used to play mgs3 online ALL the time back when) but once it came out I didn’t really play online that much. Not sure why. Regretting it a bit lol

  • I played the MGS3 Online all the time until they took it down to support the PSP MGS Online game instead .. bah! Had a lot of fun with that, but MGO2 as I call it is a blast. You should pick it up again.

  • Oly

    I was going to try and join up but couldn’t find my copy.. found out my sons friend has it.. lol Maybe next time

  • I joined the chat channel does that count?

  • You where there in spirit Luke 🙂

  • haha cheers for the points.