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PS4 Plans Suspended? No! Examples of Incorrect Rumors Running Wild |

So, recently, there have been reports popping up stemming from this JP website, where, allegedly, Sony has stated that they are betting all of their chips on the NGP, and have since suspended development of the PS4.

It sounds absurd right from the start and I’m not sure how people ran with this. What Sony actually said is that they have no immediate plans for the PS4 and plan on supporting the PS3 and NGP in the immediate future. A standard cookie cutter corporate response to a question about the PS4.

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  • I’m not done with my PS3 yet so I’m not too worried either way.

  • @Markus I am with you on that, but how do they go and say SONY isn’t thinking of a PS4 just because they want to work on the NGP now. I doubt the NGP will do anything close to what the PS4 will do.

  • @Luke, the rumor pretty much was saying consoles are nearing the end of their life cycle and that games will be moving to mobile only.

    With that said….PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS, NGP, Other unnannounced handheld, PC, iPad. How many pieces of hardware can the industry manage at once?

  • We are far from mobile taking anything over. We are further ahead then we ever were with Mobile gaming but it’s not taking anything over like the PS3, 360, Wii.

  • lordincubus

    I have to agree with @Luke Console gaming really only became main stream with the PS2. The Mobile space is quickly becoming over saturated, with cellphones and other handheld devices getting involved. Ps4 won’t be thought of until at earliest in 2014, which gives Sony plenty of time to develop the NGP into a premium hand held device. From the looks of the NGP Sony will probably be eating a lot of money with development cost just so they can manage a price point their consumers can afford. PS4 should be on the back of their mind but definitely not their main focus right now.

  • TiredOfLies

    I really don’t see any need for Sony to contemplate a PS4 anyways – the PS3 is now getting well-established, finally sitting on-par with the 360 for games & graphics. Sony has the most powerful handheld gaming system in retail, soon to be upstaged by a significant (not incremental like DS) upgrade to the NGP…

    Whoever wrote that article is a moron – with the PS3 so strong, why would Sony even worry about a newer console? The current ones haven’t even been tapped to their full potential yet!

  • pedro

    From a sales point of view a PS4 right now wouldn’t make sense.

    Even if you look back PS2 still holds a good amount of sales and PS3 sales are as good as ever.

    Sure, they have to look into it, develop and do whatever they have to, but still, launch date can wait untill 2013 at least.

  • Beastxjason

    Sony signed the patent for external cpu’s and ram to add to the ps3 so I cant see a ps4 when they just got the patent?

  • pedro

    Beastxjason: Sony signed the patent for external cpu’s and ram to add to the ps3 so I cant see a ps4 when they just got the patent?  

    Woooow! Ugly!

    But at the same time, AWESOME!

    Remembers me of the N64 memory expansion card hehehe

  • Regardless of whether or not everything is going handheld, I just got my PS3, so there are plenty of games to keep me occuppied for the next few years, lol. Althought I admit that the NGP does look pretty cool…complicated, but cool.

  • Let’s not forget that R&D for a new console take years. Even if Sony wouldn’t have suspended the development, the new console would not be out within a few years. For example, the PS3 has been released 6 years into the life of the ps2, and we’re in the 4th year of the PS3. Make the math 🙂

  • Sonys consoles have so far always had a 10 year cycle, even they have said thats always been their plan. So unless they have changed that, i wouldnt be surprised if we hear about a PS4 but probably wont be for the next couple of years

  • Beastxjason: Sony signed the patent for external cpu’s and ram to add to the ps3 so I cant see a ps4 when they just got the patent?  

    I read some news info on it… Is Sony planning on allowing us to upgrade our video cards in a modular fashion?

    That would be sick! 😀