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Want the SEGA Genesis Collection for Free? Join PlayStation Plus! |

WOW, it seems that SONY is really trying to push the PlayStation + subscription. Last week they gave us the Killzone 3 Beta which was exclusive to PS+ members only, as well the Stacking game for free. Now they have announced that coming to PSN+ exclusively is the Sega Genesis Collection. What’s the cost you ask? Well it’s going to cost you NOTHING. Here is a break down:

Regular PlayStation Store Release ($4.99 each)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – March 29
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – April 19
  • Streets of Rage 2 – May 17
  • Golden Axe 2 – June 14
  • Comix Zone – July 19
  • Altered Beast – August 16
  • PlayStation Plus Releases (free)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – Available March 1 – April 5
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Available April 5 – May 3
  • Streets of Rage 2 – Available May 3 – May 31
  • Golden Axe 2 – Available May 31 – July 5
  • Comix Zone – Available July 5 – August 2
  • Altered Beast – Available August 2 – August 30
  • These will include PS3 trophies, but a list of trophies was not provided at the time of this post.

    • looks good, I’m hoping this applies to EU Plus aswell

    • pedro

      How much you have to pay for a PS+ account?

    • Not 100% sure as this was posted on the N. American blog but I will try to find out.

    • pedro: How much you have to pay for a PS+ account?  

      I believe it was $17.99 for 3 months or $50 for the entire year. I paid $50 for for 15 months when they first pushed this out and you can bet they are getting my $50 again.

    • yeah I paid £40 for the Year subscription. definitely worth it with all the free games we’ve gotten. and I’l be renewing it when it runs out 😛

    • hobbes

      man, this is the awesome, plus has rocked recently

    • are these going to be in hd or just look like upscaled genesis titles?

    • Awesome! I miss those games, even if they are the ‘old school’ style.

    • EdEN

      To be fair the actual SEGA Genesis Collection on PS2 has 30+ games on it and the Bluray Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection has 40+ games and this is only 6 BUT if we’re getting these 6 for free with NEW trophies then it’s all good.

    • premiersoupir: are these going to be in hd or just look like upscaled genesis titles?  

      I don’t believe these are going to be in HD. But honestly I could care less for these. I loved them back in the day but there is no way I can get myself to play these compared to the graphics games have today.

      About 2 years ago I replayed the original Half-Life and still don’t believe it was a great idea. I recently tried to play the old Deus Ex game and after about half an hour decided to call it quits. I just can’t do it and these games won’t be an exception. It’s great they they are going to PS+ subs though.

    • Beastxjason

      Golden Axe!

    • Oly

      Beastxjason: Golden Axe!  

      I never play old games because there’s too much new stuff, but yes Golden Axe!!
      Its free with trophies.. ill play some
      And the wife is going to love the Sonics..

      I’m sure they are going to be in HD

    • derrickgott007

      I got the Sega Classics Collection on the PSP so this will be cool of I can play it on my PS3! Score!

    • nice too bad i own the ps3 ultimate collection

    • Wow, this is pretty damn nice!

    • Jonaskin

      Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection/Sega MegaDrive Ultimate collection is cheap enough these days and has more games than just those listed above, plus the graphics have been given the slightest of HD makeovewrs which wasn’t the case with the PSN port of the Megadrive classic Gunstar Heroes – I reckon these will follow suit with the latter. However if they release a standalone Sonic 3 with trophies, I’ll get it no matter what, despite still owning the original Megadrive cartridge, and versions of it for PS2 (Sonic Mega Collection) and PS3 (Ultimate Collection, as above). Still my favourite game ever.