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Warhawk Dev Talks PlayStation Project |

Yesterday, 2/15, IGN has stated that they will be showing a trailer today, exclusively for a game that was announced a long time ago, forgotten, and now is ready to be officially announced. Not only did they say people will be impressed, but they used the term, “trailer of the year”.

Well, it looks like Warhawk developer Dylan Job may have spilled the beans. While he never makes mention of the IGN comments, he states that they have been working on a secret project for a very long time and its hard to keep it under wraps this long. He also stated that he has been working on a trailer for the past couple of weeks for Sony.

Now, this is all assumption on my part, but could the secret reveal IGN is teasing really be Starhawk?

Here is what Dylan had to say, according to eurogamer.

Warhawk developer Lightbox Interactive has come out of the woodwork to tease its mysterious PlayStation platforms project – a game rumoured to be called Starhawk.

President Dylan Jobe took to Twitter to promise that the wait for the game’s reveal will be worth it.

“Last couple weeks have been spent cranking on builds for Sony,” he said. “Lots of good play-tests and game improvements.

“Keeping the new game under wraps for this long is tough, and very hard on our fans. But will be worth it all in the end!!

“Fans deserve real game footage and not a BS pre-rendered trailer. That’s tricky ’cause pre-rendered trailers are much ‘safer’ to do.

“But all the investment and time in the game itself is ultimately the right direction. For the product *and* for the fans!”

Update: The IGN announcement was not Starhawk. A new post is currently being worked on and will appear shortly.

  • I loved playing Warhawk. Even brought it to a LAN party long ago. Would love to see a new version.

  • derrickgott007

    Starhawk sounds like a fake title, or a cheap knock off like Modern Combat. Lol

  • @derrickgott007 Sony copyrighted that name 3 years ago shortly after Warhawks release.

  • Beastxjason

    Warhawk was never for me sadly. I do see the appeal. Maybe it is because I never had people to play with it on.

  • pedro

    I haven’t played Warhawks so I don’t know… but this news isn’t generating a lot of excitement apparently…

  • Jay

    I hope it is. Warhawk was a lot of fun online (even though I haven’t played it a ton like some people). Starhawk would be pretty cool, and given the quality of Warhawk in the early stages of the PS3’s life cycle, this one should blow us away.

  • Kenny6774



  • Was never a big fan of Warhawk myself played it for a bit but couldnt get into it

  • Nightflash

    I went to IGN (can only access the UK site) but I could neither see that article announcing a trailer nor could I see a trailer for a long forgotten game.

    What have I missed? Is something up already?