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Killzone 3 – End of Open Beta and patch details |

Well the Killzone 3 Open Beta is finally over. Guerrilla Games have been listening to your feedback and have a lot of patches. See the full list after the jump.

  • A fix to the “Your Faction Has Won/Lost” issue, along with all oddities that resulted from this occurring
  • An issue that allowed more than two clans to join a clan match will be fixed
  • Increased Accuracy, Bullet Damage and Faster Reload Ribbons will update correctly on personal statistics screens
  • We’ve simplified the process to invite players into your game (just one button press)
  • The radius of the Marksman’s Scramble++ has been lowered
  • Medic’s Revive distance increased and cooldown to re-use is decreased
  • No collision on mortally wounded player bodies
  • Increased player stamina
  • An icon will be shown in the menu when you have a Killzone 3 message in your inbox

Shortly after the game’s release, you’ll also see these changes patched in:

  • Support for color-blind players
  • Implement unranked custom games for players to create private or clan matches
  • Enhanced custom games functionality that will allow players to:
    • Control over games modes and settings
    • Secure games, allowing you to invite the players you want to play with
    • The ability to prevent abilities and weapons from being used
    • Toggling on and off functionality, such as ribbons, skills, explosives, etc.
    • Selecting which careers you want available to players
    • Allow friendly fire to be turned on or off
    • Faction switching enabled or disabled
  • The Clan Officer role will be added to clans
  • Separate turn speeds for hip-fire and ADS
  • Overly enthusiastic death screams will be toned down
  • Increased the amount of kills required to win a Guerrilla Warfare match
  • Increased Accuracy ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered
  • Likewise, the Bullet Damage ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered as well
  • Matches will end if the other team forfeits (i.e. too few, or no players on the enemy team)
  • Matchmaking enhancements that will close and merge games based on player count, which will keep games more full
  • Balance factions out by moving players to the other team at the end of the match if one team is lopsided
  • The ability to turn off HUD markers for point pop-ups and objectives
  • A menu option to allow squad-only chat
  • The addition of a Mute All button
  • Scoreboard flickering will be fixed
  • Clans will no longer get matched against other clans that have many more players than they do (i.e. 4 vs. 7, 5 vs. 8)
  • And that list is just the beginning. As we release our patches you’ll get a full list of everything we’ve updated in a patch list, which is much more than what we’ve listed above.

    We’d like to thank all of you for taking such an active part in the Killzone community and we sincerely appreciate all of the time you’ve put into the open beta test. We simply can’t thank you enough!


  • Kratos

    god damn, whatever happened to releasing a game that didn’t have anything wrong with it? Seemed like there were plenty of those before consoles became almost permanently connected to the internet.

  • Kratos

    I do realize a lot of these changes are from player feedback but this is a trend not limited to this game…

  • “Support for color-blind players” — hooray! I had a great deal of trouble with the MP demo because I can’t distinguish the green from orange HUD cues, which delineate friend from foe. I had to rely on visual recognition of the uniform, which is less than ideal, especially when players are at some remove from me or behind cover.

  • That is pretty cool they would put in support for color-blind players. How many games do that??

  • Beastxjason

    Can not wait! I haven’t played a game where team work can make such a big difference since Left4dead. woot

  • Tosh: That is pretty cool they would put in support for color-blind players. How many games do that??

    Many games, particularly since the turn of the millenium, have begun using blue and red to denote allies and enemies. Not many people are totally color-blind — most are red/green, and some have other problems as well (I’m red/green and blue/purple) — so for most folks blue/red is readily distinguishable.

  • pedro

    That’s a lot of changes.

    Never considered that color-blind thing could be an issue.

    Very nice of them paying attention to this little things (y)