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More Dead Island Screens/Info Revealed: Site Goes Live |

The official Dead Island website, has gone live this am and details some new information. It looks like there will be 4 playable characters, 2 males and 2 females. So far only one has been completely revealed, with the other 3 just showing outlines. For more info check out the official site!! For new screens


  1. The scenery of this games really looks amazing and creepy.

  2. haha looking cool

  3. If that 4th screenshot is real gameplay, it looks amazing and I hope that metal bar thing is a weapon, half life-esque gameplay but effing zombies.

    cant wait for more info on this game now,
    open world + RPG elements + first person + zombies + engaging story (going off trailer) = amazing game !!!

  4. Beastxjason

    dub the gears of war theme song over the screen shots lol “All around me are familiar faces”

  5. The Dead Island trailer looked awesome. But after seeing these screens, I know I’m picking this up.

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