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PSN Not Hacked, Credit Card Info Still Safe….Unless You Run Custom Firmware… |

Earlier today, Arstechnica posted a story that there could have been a potential breach of PSN security that allowed hackers to view information including credit card info, type of tv, type of controllers, etc.

This has been debunked by the hackers with an updated comment:

“There is no generalized ability for hackers to grab credit cards from PSN users; only those using specially devised custom firmwares would be at risk.”

Now much of this info is actually recorded locally on your PS3. Your credit card info and personal info obviously, but also it could store the tv you play on and the controllers you use and thats due to hdcp and bluetooth handshakes. So if you hook up your PS3 via HDMI, a pairing goes on between your PS3 and tv where they need to share a certain amount of information with each other. Same with bluetooth devices. When you pair one, the name of the device automatically shows up on your paired bluetooth devices.

In short, there is nothing to worry about unless you install custom firmware to your PS3 where you could potentially be putting yourself at risk for things of this nature and potentially viruses as well.

  • dave

    well thats good news, Iam glad I never did or added any custom firmware i just go with the flow of PS3 updates.

  • pedro

    It’s strange they would assume a possible flaw in their security just because of custom firmware.

    I think they’re trying to scare everyone into keeping their consoles clean.

  • pedro: It’s strange they would assume a possible flaw in their security just because of custom firmware.I think they’re trying to scare everyone into keeping their consoles clean.  

    one of the whole points of custom firmware is creating false security certificates.

    They aren’t assuming at all btw.

  • pedro

    Sorry about the word “assume” just a common error when I’m really sleepy. (It means something different in portguese)

    I meant it’s weird that they would admit possible flaws such as this. Generally they’d just say something like “Even if the person has custom firmware installed breaching the security of the PS3 is nearly impossible” or something like that. You know what i mean?

    Maybe I’m wrong… I’m terribly sleepy.

  • Good to know, I was wondering about this

  • Royalty32

    I never understood why ppl put there credit card numbers on psn anyway. Theres always a risk of somebody stealing ur number and buying all kinds of stuff. Just go out and by psn cards, i think thats the safest way.

  • the credit card readers at local stores use the same encryption that the PS3 does or any standard website for that matter. Basically a store is no more safe then your PS3. The myth of home purchases being unsafe stemmed from people purchasing from none encrypted websites (http:// vs https://) and viruses which installed key loggers. Neither of which is a problem on the PS3.

    Although many people have a hard time getting the PS3 to accept their credit card….I fall into that category. I have to use PSN cards.

  • For the longest time PSN accepted my card, no problem. Now suddenly they won’t. Any idea why Eddie? It’s just weird and a pain in the as$.

    Why do I use my CC? Because I am impulsive and I find it more convenient that way ^^

  • I had the same problem Markus. It accepted my card until I got a new one for the year and it never accepted it again. Rumor has it that you need to type your info in exactly as it appears in the banks database. Like it could be all caps or it could have Road, RD, rd, RD., rd. etc etc. A call to sony wont’ fix it either from what I understand.

  • I’ve tried so many different combos, nothing seems to work lol ><

    It sucks for them imo… I've spent so much in the PS store they should find a way to fix it or make it work or w/e.

  • Hmmm

    Just a warning. I’ve had my PSN account breached in the past, and they purchased PSP games using my CC. It IS stored on the account.

    Be careful.