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MLB 11: The Show Looking Fantastic |

MLB The Show 2011 is shaping up to be a game changer. The team has revamped the entire control scheme and has gone with a dual analogue scheme. Here is a look at what they have done and what you can expect March 8th 2011.

Ramone Russell // Community Manager, SCEA San Diego Studios

Pure Analog Pitching allows you to control pitch height, location, and velocity with the right analog stick. To start, pull down on the right analog stick to begin the pitcher’s delivery as a ball icon moves gradually downward towards a yellow line. That line represents your ideal pitch height. Time it such that you push the stick upward at precisely the time the ball icon hits this yellow line. Inside-outside pitch location is a result of the direction you push the right analog stick up. If it’s an 0-2 count and you know your buddy will stick at anything, you might want to throw outside a foot out of the zone to make sure you strike him out. How hard you flick the right stick up will determine how much effort the pitcher will put into the throw. If you really want to throw some gas, flick the right analog stick up quickly to add a few miles per hour to your pitch. Just be careful. Too many high octane pitches could tire your pitcher out in a hurry. Overall, your timing, accuracy, and speed are all taken into account when delivering a pitch with Pure Analog Pitching.

Along side the new control’s is a new stadium and jumbo tron system. The amount of detail is truly incredible.

Adding stadium specific jumbotrons and out of town scoreboards was an important request by our community and fans, so we’re very happy that we were able to accomplish these new features. Our goal is always to make your favorite team, stadium, or fans look, feel, and sound just like the real thing and it’s definitely reflected in MLB 11 The Show. We appreciate your feedback and listen to our fans, as we try to make the best game possible year after year. Thanks for your continued support, we hope you enjoy MLB 11 The Show when it arrives on March 8, 2011. Be sure to visit us at

The show also features Move support but it is limited to the Home run derby only. Sounds like great fun with friends regardless. So that is a quick update on what to expect and if you ask me it is looking good. Pre-order now to receive 30 days of MLB TV free.

Source: PSBlog

  • Ace

    I don’t care what anyone says this game series overcomes my expectations every year. I could go back to any MLB the show and it would still be fun.

  • Beastxjason

    This will be my first one so Im excited. Have it paid off at GS.

  • After reading the major changes they’re doing this year, I think I’m going to Gamefly it first before buying.

    The big changes, like adapting how to run to a ball based on prior play style and general player info, could make a great game excellent, or could really be frustrating if they don’t get them right.

    I’m hoping they got them right, because, if they did, this will make MLB 11 the premier baseball sim.

  • This game keeps getting better and better ever year. The dynamic weather looks amazing and it seems the textures keep getting better as well. I can’t wait for March 8th!

  • Jana

    While the game is doing really good, the online stuff is getting worse. There is too much lag, scores don’t post properly, etc. Online gaming has become too slow or inaccurate. Otherwise, there is no match to this game.