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PlayStation Move Heroes: Dev Diary |

Mark Cooke // Lead Systems Designer, Nihilistic Software stopped by the Sony Blog to share a new developer diary on the upcoming PlayStation Move Heroes. My son is excited for this and I must admit I am eager to give it a whirl, or whip.

We’ve blended some of the familiar weapons, abilities, and character movements from the original games with a fresh new set of motion-controlled mechanics that you’ll only be able to find on the PlayStation Move. For example, one of our favorites in the buzzsaw disc, a new weapon that the heroes fling into space to collect crystals, powers-up and more. But it’s up to the player to steer and navigate the disc while in flight. It’s a joy to fly with the extreme 1:1 precision of the motion controller.

And if you can’t wait until March 22 to get your hands on PlayStation Move Heroes, be sure to keep your eyes out for a single player demo early next month in the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus members will have access starting March 1.

Source: PSBlog

  • Jay

    the game is looking good. Might just have to play it when it releases

  • pedro

    I don’t know about the game, but this makes me excited about the future of Move.

  • Their shooting mechanic is like I always wanted to try: The crosshair stays in the middle. Since move is precise, it can be done, I hope these guys show it.

  • Move Heroes demo is whack. The whip controls are wonky as hell, bowling is boring. The hammer melee mechanic with Ratchet seems to work the best… but I’d rather be playing an R&C game. Graphics look pretty terrible, too. Although I may be biased because I’m used to Ratchet looking super-polished thanks to Insomniac’s silky-smooth 60 fps efforts. This game can’t help but look bad in comparison.

  • haha, just watched the video. Mark Cook: “The Move is almost as good as a mouse…” (I imagine the Sony rep/interviewer shaking his head in disapproval here) “…if not even BETTER!”