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Judge Dismisses All Claims Par One for Sony’s “Other OS” Suit |

A California judge dismissed all but one claim in the lawsuit against Sony for removing the other OS functionality the examiner claims. The one left is a possible violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act which states it is unlawful for any entity to execute unauthorized modifications on any computer system.

The charges that the judge dismissed were breach of warranty status and also the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and Civil Code 1770.

The plaintiffs have 20 days to amend their claims and refile their complaint.
With only one charge looming for Sony, the Judge had this to say.

“Plaintiffs must therefore either allege that Sony made some express representations as to the continued availability of that feature, or they will have to show both that there were implied representations as to continued availability and that an express warranty claim may legally proceed even where it is based in part on such implied representations.,” said Seeborg.

  • anonymoose

    anybody want to slow this down for dummies like me?

  • Oly


    anybody want to slow this down for dummies like me?  



    Basically people were suing Sony for removing the other OS (operating systems such as Linux) options, and the lawsuit was thrown out except for one part of it. The people now have 20 days to restructure the law suit.

  • pedro

    Problem is, this things rarely go somewhere.

    But there’s some hard truth behind these lawsuits. Companies can’t do whatever they when when they want (well… maybe they can, that’s what all those giant terms of services are for).

  • anonymoose

    tbh all this crap that SONY has been doing is making me hate them more and more…seems to me like they’re pushing their loyal fans around like ragdolls and SONY fanboys don’t mind the push…but still it’s the principle that we shouldnt be getting pushed around and stuff….I miss the PS2 compatibility in my old PS3 and when my PS3 died and trashed and i got the slim things were never 4the same….now 60gb PS3’s are rare and if i get a YLOD i gotta pay SONY $100 for a flaw in their machine in the first place :/

  • I don’t feel pushed around at all. To me, Sony took the only steps they could to stay relevant with a lower price point and are using the court of laws to protect its investment rather than use vigilante tactics. Still missing what Sony did wrong besides annoy us?