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Winners of the Robot Entertainment Swag Giveaway

Alright, I finally got all the winners for the first come/first serve swag giveaway! It took a little longer to get people to participate than usual, but hey, no need to use up your points or anything this time! Congratulations to the winners:

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The Days Of Split Screen Gaming May Be Coming To An End

Sony showed off a very interesting new feature currently in development for the PS3 this week during an event in London that reportedly “shocked” many of the company’s executives. This new technology is a dual-view 3D mode for the PlayStation 3 that would allow gamers to play against each other in the same room on the same TV without having to use split screen.

Mick Hocking, SCEE senior director ( and director of it’s World Wide Studio’s Stereoscopic 3D Team ) demonstrated the mode briefly with Killzone 3 to a small number of attendess. A tech website called PocketLint had some of it’s guys at the London event. Here’s how they described Sony’s new work in progress:

The technology works in a similar way to Jaguar’s spilt screen television on its dashboard that displays television to the passenger in the car and a map to the driver, but in this case to gamers at home. Player one will see his movements full screen, while player 2 will see his – i.e., something completely different explained Hocking on the technology that could revolutionise gaming at home, on your TV.

Even though the freshly released KillZone 3 was used to demo the new PS3D feature, Sony didn’t elaberate on when consumers can expect to try it out.


Triple XP for Red Dead Redemption from 10pm to Midnight EST

This tweet just came from Rockstar Games
“By popular demand our next 2-hour #RedDeadRedemption Triple XP session will begin at 10PM Eastern tonight – so get those consoles ready…”

I’m going to try and get on.. anyone want to join me??


COD: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Coming in 5 days?? [UPDATE]

Activision has launched a new website with a countdown timer which suggests a possible
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 announcement next week at GDC.

A new teaser website has appeared with a Modern Warfare style countdown. The new site (which you can view here), was found because of dog tags sent out by Activision. The timer will hit expire at 7 a.m. PST on Wednesday, March 2, which just happens to be during next week’s GDC. ThatVideoGameBlog seems to be the first site to have received them and posted this pic:

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