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Official Review: Vertigo PSP + GIVEAWAY!

Vertigo is a racing/sorta puzzle (missed it by thaaat much) type of game in which you command a Xorb, a sphere-like entity that is usually a shiny silver hue, on its long quest from the starting spot to the finish gravitational field circle/lines… and aren’t we all on a similar adventure?

And now, some words from our sponsor:

VERTIGO is a white knuckle race over wild landscapes collecting upgrades, discovering hidden shortcuts while negotiating some of the most challenging courses in the Universe. Race across tracks suspended high above sprawling cities and lush vistas, but don’t miss a turn… it’s a long way down!


* Amazing sense of height and scale as you race hundreds of metres above ground through 54 Vertigo Inducing Race Courses
* Varied Single Player Game Modes – including Practice, Arcade, Time Trial, Career and Xorb Bowling
* Customise your Xorb Craft – customise the look of your Xorb with over 2 million unique combinations

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500 Points Winner & Double Points Active

It was great hearing how you found! You can read everyone’s response here. Be sure to add your own if you haven’t. The winner of the 500 points is Cazamalos! Congrats!

Along with this, double points are now active for blog comments, groups forums and the main forum until the morning of April 18th or until whenever I decide to wake up. Keep earning those points, we have another giveaway coming today!


PS3 Passes Xbox 360 in Worldwide Active Units LTD According to Analysts

Many people claimed it was coming, many argued in contradiction, but the time has finally come, according to GamaSutra. PS3 has finally outsold the 360 worldwide in LTD sales, despite the 360’s 10 million unit lead. Now, this should not be used or touted as a bragging aspect, as PS3 still falls short on software sales vs the Xbox 360, and there is plenty of room in the world for both systems. However it still is an amazing feat, so lets hope for many more years to come.

“Although the Xbox 360 leads the PlayStation 3 in the U.S., the global picture shows Microsoft’s console has lost ground to Sony’s as of the end of 2010, says a new report from data firm Strategy Analytics.

According to the company’s data, the Nintendo Wii continues to enjoy the world’s largest install base with 75.5 million active units worldwide, but the active install base of PS3s reached 43.4 million at the close of 2010 versus Xbox 360’s 42.9.

Strategy Analytics says that Xbox 360’s relative weakness in Europe and Asia “acts as a drag on its global performance,” even factoring in the boost the console saw from the launch of the Kinect motion-sensing peripheral.

Just today, GameSited data from IDG that showed that while the Xbox 360 still led the PS3 in the U.S. by 10 million units, Sony’s console retailed a slightly bigger share of the European audience, with 14.7 million units to the Xbox 360’s 13.7 million units.

“While the Kinect peripheral has given a boost to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 strategy, the console’s performance outside of the U.S. continues to disappoint,” says Strategy Analytics’ Digital Consumer Practice analyst Jia Wu, who authored the report.

“Global demand foy’s PS3 has exceeded that of the Xbox 360 in each of the past two years, and we expect that to continue over the coming years,” Wu adds, recommending Microsoft “continue[s] to innovate around its motion sensor technology, which will become increasingly relevant in the smart home era.”

The report predicts that Xbox 360 will grow its global sales by 13.7 million by the end of this year, while PS3 will also expand to 15.7 million units. The Wii, conversely, is expected to continue declining (a contraction on which Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews says the Xbox 360 can capitalize).

Strategy Analytics says Wii’s sales will fall by just over 10 million units over the year, leaving it in third place in hardware rankings — and making it an opportune time for Nintendo to “launch a Wii successor within the next 12 months.”



Update: The Entry Deadline for the Portal 2 Giveaway Has Changed

We have moved the entry deadline up a little bit so that we can ship the game to the winner on the actual date of release, April 18th for NA.

UPDATE: You have until midnight PST on April 17th, 2011 to get your entries in. Winner will be chosen at random on April 18th, 2011. The game can, therefore, be sent to the winner on the date of release.

Make sure you check the Portal 2 Game & T-Shirt Giveaway from! post for all the ways to enter. There are up to 14 entries possible per person. Here are the YouTube Entries [Worth 3 Entries] we have so far:



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