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GDC 2011: PlayStation Home v1.5 Coming This Spring |

Hey Home-goers, today, Sony has unveiled their plans for Home v1.5 at GDC in San Francisco, and has announced that it will be released this Spring. With that, what will be expected in version 1.5 of the application?

The update will introduce a suite of new technology with tools that will enhance your experience with real-time multiplayer, improved physics, as well as more realistic graphics and animations.

Although the update isn’t as user-facing, what i does have is more tools for developers to have more freedom in creating games specific to Home, which will, then affect us directly. To help us get an idea of what kinds of improvements in games we can expect, launching alongside the update, will be Lockwood Publishing’s SodiumTwo, which is a jet-type racing game that features a number of customization options (as can be viewed in the video above).

Can’t wait to see what other games developers come up with thanks to v1.5. It does sound a bit promising, and would likely get more folks to hop into Home more often, for sure.

  • Very Wipeout-ish, might be fun.

  • pedro

    I haven’t tried the Home myself, being a Brazilian PSN user, however I like the idea of having a Hub where you can meet with your friends and all.

    Having more options is a viable solution in order to gather people.

  • sam

    Home is great. they are always adding new content and there are tons of games to play. the community is a lot better than it was at launch as well

    the 1.5 update looks massive and i cant wait to play

  • I’m wondering if I should try to reclaim the space that I allowed Home to reserve for itself. I just never use that service, and I could use the 10 Gb or whatever on the HDD. But hey, maybe v1.5 will make the experience more worthwhile.

  • Dynojunkee420

    I think Home has a lot of potential. I have fun running around and watching people with their cool costumes and rewards, and I really enjoy the new spaces they throw in every now and then. Hoping for more mini games that people can enjoy in their home or club. It sounds like they’re going in the right direction, can’t wait to check it out.

  • hobbes

    Home is really really taking off. I recently logged onto sodium, and was quite surprising. It was almost instantly put into a car shooter. I still think I feel “no what am i supposed to do” feeling when entering areas. Once they make it obvious what it is you’re supposed to do, where you’re supposed to go. I think the missing link is VoiceChat, if they can some how pull that off, it’d make it top notch.

  • Home is a pretty great idea. But I don’t spend that much time in there, I have real games to play, trophies to collect, stuff like that.

  • sodium is actually surprisingly fun