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GDC 2011: Infamous 2 Gets a Bomb Shell! |

Fresh out of the gates of GDC comes a killer announcement for infamous 2. Infamous 2 has a Mission creator. Think Little Big Planet but with Infamous and you’re getting how expansive this game can be. Better yet, you will have a chance to beta this on March 14th! Good news for any fan of the series. IGN had this to say on the new mode:

Today at GDC, Sony unveiled a brand new system in the sequel that allows players to place enemies, objects and more to create your very own challenges that pop up in New Marais. You can come up with stories, limit it to races, and even assign XP to completing a quest. A trailer listed a variety of missions (Defense, Escort, Search and Destroy, Survival, Shooting Gallery, Platforming, and Obstacle Course), but Sucker Punch said that the possibilities are endless and users can create whatever they want.

Infamous 2 in Action

Once the creation is whipped up and uploaded, it’s shared with the world. Players can select the criteria they want in their game — say, the best shooter missions or the newest puzzle missions — and those events auto-populate that the map. From there, players just walk up to the green cone of light, scope the vital info, and start the event. If a player hasn’t cleared a story mission and a created mission uses an enemy or something from it, the player won’t be able to access that created mission until he or she has unlocked that part of the story.

The ability to upload and share your missions and expand on what is sure to be a great game and is just another reason to join the story of Cole and the moral decisions that plague him at every corner, and to spice things up there will be a limited Beta starting in April. Information on how to signup for the Beta will be released on the 14th of March.

Source – Official PS3 Blog
Source – IGN

  • I like this idea. I was hoping for multiplayer but this is just as good.

  • pedro

    Very cool! I liked that.

    Hope people won’t use it as a easy way to level up…

  • Nice now this is a good addition

  • Very cool. And you know, the title really the shot of innovation that this might provide. Don’t get me wrong: I love the first Infamous. However, it was kind of a drag that *every* neighborhood clearing quest was a variation on one of maybe four themes: timed wire surfing (satellite uplinks), follow the target (a la assassin’s creed), find the package, or disable the surveillance devices. I hope and expect that this new model will allow for different mission goals and different flow to the action.

  • Beastxjason

    Im betting on tons of survival missions being uploaded lol

  • pedro

    Beastxjason: Im betting on tons of survival missions being uploaded lol  

    Those are the best, or at least the most fun missions imo!

  • This should be fun. Looking forward to making some missions!

  • Jonaskin

    This was already going to be a great game, but to have this feature included in such an expansive and immersive world is just mind blowing. Incredible news!

  • Jay

    Man, can’t wait to see what kinds of stuff people come up with

  • I believe their is a similar system in Dissidia 012 as well. Sounds like fun!

  • People are gonna make crazy levels. I was only planning on putting this on hold at my library a couple of times but this might be a sure buy now