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GDC 2011: Nvidia Presentation Shows Battlefield 3 (2x Screens) [Update] |

GDC is currently under way and Nvidia has released these in game screens of Battlefield 3 on the frostbite engine. Photos after the jump.

The embargo ends today so expect a lot more information and lovely screens to come your way.

This is a new video that has been released. It seems to be the longer version of the first official in game footage that was released a week ago. Seems like this is the real deal, this isn’t a cinematic we are watching, it’s actual in game footage.

Source Mind Channel & Nvidia


  1. That’s a nice rendering.

    However, i doubt this would be true for gameplay even on super powered pcs.

  2. However, please, let me be wrong!

  3. looking good

  4. That video was amazing! Gimme!

  5. Beastxjason

    Pedro the newer video cars which run 2 at a time or more then capable of this.

  6. Beastxjason: Pedro the newer video cars which run 2 at a time or more then capable of this.  

    I’ve just watched the new trailer and all I can say is: This is one sweet looking game.

    I had no idea such graphical quality was possible.

    It’s a shame a rig capable of such effort is definitely too expensive for my pockets, but at least, it shows that in the future I’ll be able too get it (:

    I’m not too graphic centered when I choose games, I’d rather play a ok looking and awesome playing game then a great looking boring gameplay kind of game.

    But, it certainly is awesome. Those images look a lot like a cinematic trailer rather than actual gameplay. Very realistic indeed.

  7. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Man I will not lie Resistance suprized me, but this blew my mind. Lets what Uncharted 3 has to offer. the year of the 3s is turing out so far so good.

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