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Infamous 2 Alternate Costume and Infamous 2 Static Theme Giveaway! |

Welcome to yet another giveaway! This time around we will be giving out some codes for some Infamous 2 goodies. The first item up for grabs is an Infamous 2 alternate costume download. Obviously you can’t download the item just yet, but when the game launches, you could have the code in hand ready to go. Next we have an Infamous 2 static PS3 Theme which of course you can grab immediately after winning the code.

So cutting to the chase…the rules of entry. To enter, you must be a registered member of It’s quick and easy and will only take you less then a minute or two to register.

What we want to hear from you, in light of the new mission building concept recently outed at GDC, are what type of missions would you build in Infamous 2? In the comments below, just shortly outline the type of mission you would build as well as the goal. Be sure to mention whether it is a good or evil choice.

Winners will be chosen at random on Thursday March 10th at 8PM EST, with the first place winner getting the alternate costume and the second place winner will get the static theme.

Time left to enter contest

Good luck!

  • Beastxjason

    Survival Mission:Repel the attack for 10 minutes-Karma Choice:Good or Evil

    Save the citizens from an all out Militia attack. The Militia is invading the North province and Cole has been called to Repel the attack. Will you save the citizens or let them be over run granting you more Militia to farm for experience. The reward for completing this mission is a cookie with a bite missing because I like cookies!

    I love Infamous. Just platinum-ed it 2 days ago. The last shard was such a pain and then I died and guess what was right above me!!! I pray Shards do not return. It nearly broke me lol

  • I would probably make a Race Level that incorporates platforming. A race from one end of the city to the other end that has enemies throughout and tough platforming sections. The goal is to try and get the quickest time and also kill the enemies.

  • i think I would make a time limit rooftop platforming level while being chased by NPC with the rule not to get hit, once you get hit you failed

  • I’d probably do something easy to start.

    getting trapped in an arena liked setting forced to fight a few waves of hunchmen before the boss.

  • I would make a survival level with cole on a tower with a spiraling staircase leading to the top. Enemies would approach from different directions and their would be explosives scattered throughout the level so you could zap them to kill a large group of enemies

  • Steve

    I would make a wicked tony hawk theme level with grind rails and explosions with enemies and crazy **** people will talk about for days!!!


  • pedro

    I’d make a Shooting Gallery type of mission, Good and Evil choices available.

    The situation is the following: A group of hostages is trapped by evil conduits (assuming they make a come back) in the center part of New Marais, the catch is, instead of fences the barricades were built with Gas Barrels so the zone is a gigantic bomb and using electricity is extremely dangerous.

    You have two choices, take every enemy out one at a time sniping them with some concentrated energy blasts before they get two angry and kill all the hostages (5 minutes) or you can simply blow them up and kill all the hostages in the process. Your choice.

  • joes

    My mission would be either a stealth (good choice) or assault (evil), followed by defense.

    The police are holding several Corrupted in a hospital. Cole is tasked with destroying them, but the boys in blue need them on lockdown and will shoot anyone trying to infiltrate the complex. You can either sneak past the police defenses and take on the Corrupted held in the courtyard or come in blasting. Once you have killed the mutants, the militia take the opportunity to assault what’s left of the police force.

    Taking the stealth approach will guarantee police help with defense. If you’ve cleared out the police, their cars and barrels will be left to use as added ammunition.

  • good stuff guys. keep it up.

  • forgot to mention mine is an evil choice

  • Running a Gauntlet style mission. Cole has to get an item from point A to point B, and of course the bad guys have barricaded the way, forcing him to choose a path from multiple options. Lots of hidden enemies who break out of hiding (think about the mission to save Zeke from the DustMen in the Warrens) guns blazing. Also, no way to drain electricity from nearby sources, so you have to also be conservative with your energy.

  • i would make my level resemble something like bowling. You are given several cars, which you have to fling (or shockwave if that returns in the second one) precisely onto enemies in various locations (on top of buildings, behind other cars etc).

    Sorry that other one was also me but i forgot to sign in so here is my entry on my account.

  • Race mission (good & evil), race around the whole city with a time limit while Cole’s energy is slowly getting drained. Touching the ground and zero energy ends the mission.