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The Weekly Recap (February 20th-26th) |


Sorry for being late on this one. Still have a bit of back pain going on, so I haven’t been able to sit and work on this. Anyway, last week wasn’t too active, but we still had a few decent articles for you to read.

Killzone 3 released last week, so we posted the launch trailer and held a Game Night. We also got our first glimpse at Battlefield 3 gameplay (before the new trailer that was released earlier this week). A new Skyrim trailer and the trailer for the upcoming PSN game, Orcs Must Die!, were also released.

Speaking of OMD!, be sure to read my hands-on preview! The giveaway is over, though, and the prizes have already been shipped out, but the game is a lot of fun, and I think I need to get you guys interested in it :P. On the subject of previews and reviews, we also have a DC: Universe Online review, written up by SL33PY.

Eddie posted another NGP news roundup, and there has even been news that Unreal Engine 3 has been released to be used for the device. As far as the rumor mill goes, it is believed that Resident Evil 6 will be a timed PS3 exclusive much in the way Resident Evil 4 was on the GameCube.

The final post of the week, Sakinah’s post on using 3D glasses for multiplayer games, showcases a really neat concept that might be pretty cool if it were implemented. Though people would need 3D TVs with glasses for it to work, the idea is awesome. Be sure to read about that, too!

[tab:Community News & Game Nights]

From the looks of it, there aren’t really any new features. Given the poll results, though, it seems a few of you would be interested in listening to a podcast, so Ace and I will be working on getting that going soon.

Just a heads up, we will also be trying to occasionally get exclusive giveaways on there for listeners, too.

The only contest we had was a swag giveaway from my trip to Plano to check out their upcoming game, Orcs Must Die! Here are the winners; I also sent out the prizes yesterday.

Don’t forget, though, we also have a current giveaway for Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder, as well as a few more coming down the tubes, so stay tuned for those!

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Later today (as of this posting), Tosh will be hosting a Killzone 3 Game Night. During this recap’s week, we held another Game Night on the 22nd, of which, you can read a recap of here.

Remember, if you want to play any games with us, anyone can suggest or host a game night!

[tab:Gaming News]

Risen 2: Dark Waters Revealed and This One’s Coming to the PS3
Oly on February 21st, 2011 11 Comments

Music Unlimited Trial Auto-Bills After 30 Days
kennygk on February 21st, 2011 9 Comments

Another NGP News Round Up
Eddie on February 22nd, 2011 9 Comments

Killzone 3 Launch Trailer + Message From Hermen Hulst
Tosh on February 22nd, 2011 6 Comments

Review: DC Universe Online
SL33PY on February 22nd, 2011 12 Comments

New The Last Guardian Info From PSM3
Sakinah on February 22nd, 2011 4 Comments

First Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage
Luke on February 23rd, 2011 21 Comments

Judge Dismisses All Claims Par One for Sony’s “Other OS” Suit
Eddie on February 23rd, 2011 5 Comments

Rumor: Resident Evil 6 to be a timed PS3 exclusive?
Steven on February 23rd, 2011 13 Comments

KZ3 Operations: G B & U
Blackstaffer on February 24th, 2011 6 Comments

MLB 11: The Show Co-op Detailed and Demo Out Now
Beastxjason on February 24th, 2011 5 Comments

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Trailer and New
Oly on February 24th, 2011 6 Comments

Orcs Must Die! Unveiled
Jay on February 24th, 2011 12 Comments

Unreal Engine 3 is Now Available to be Licensed by Developers for the NGP
Oly on February 24th, 2011 5 Comments

Crysis 2 Gameplay on PS3 with a “Demo Coming Soon” Announced
Oly on February 24th, 2011 9 Comments

Killzone 3: Visuals and Tech Impressions
Darrin on February 24th, 2011 4 Comments

Killzone 3 Sharp Shooter Impressions
Darrin on February 24th, 2011 25 Comments

Orcs Must Die! Hands-On Preview and Swag Giveaway!
Jay on February 25th, 2011 10 Comments

New Killzone 3 DLC Announced!
Ace on February 25th, 2011 9 Comments

COD: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Coming in 5 days?? [UPDATE]
Oly on February 25th, 2011 10 Comments

The Days Of Split Screen Gaming May Be Coming To An End
Sakinah on February 25th, 2011 18 Comments


NGP Price Rumor £250
Eddie on February 20th, 2011 6 Comments

Paper Wars! Cannon Fodder hits Tuesday
Beastxjason on February 21st, 2011 4 Comments

David Jaffe Chimes in on Geohot
Beastxjason on February 22nd, 2011 7 Comments

Killzone 3 Skill Unlock Planner
Tosh on February 22nd, 2011 3 Comments

Another Quality FooBear408 Liveblog Event! | Engadget Meetup
FooBear408 on February 24th, 2011 4 Comments

Socom 4 Co-op Declassified
Beastxjason on February 24th, 2011 3 Comments

Sony’s New Ad Slogan?
Jay on February 24th, 2011 1 Comment

New Details on inFAMOUS 2, Socom 4, Dead Space 2 & Killzone 3 Tonight on Spike!
Luke on February 24th, 2011 1 Comment

Triple XP for Red Dead Redemption from 10pm to Midnight EST
Oly on February 25th, 2011 2 Comments

Purchase Homefont, Get Free System!
Beastxjason on February 26th, 2011 10 Comments

Geohot’s Latest Interview
Beastxjason on February 26th, 2011 10 Comments

[tab:Poll Results]

From the looks of it, a lot of you would definitely be interested in listening to a podcast. Once Ace and I iron a few things out, we will make an announcement on it with a few details, as we would like to get the Community involved with it as well. Stay tuned!

[tab:New Poll]

This new poll idea was by Beastjasonx, so he will get 200 points for the idea. With that said, this one is more aimed at those who purchased PlayStation Plus. Basically, are you satisfied with the service?



  1. Idea for the PS3BlogCast, how about we use our google voice number so people could leave voicemails/ideas. Then post them in the podcast post?

  2. You’re always sorry on being late, stop with the excuses and step it up!

  3. @Tosh: that was one of the plans lol

    @Luke: stfu

  4. @Jay I kid man! 🙂

  5. ahahaha.. Jay.. thanx for your time! 😉

  6. haha great work as usually. Tho i did notice a spelling mistake in the contest section terrible lol

  7. I can’t really see the poll results ):

    So, podcast is a done deal?

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