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Modern Warfare 2 Hacking Will be Addressed Soon |

A Tweet from Infinity Ward just revealed some good news for those of you still wanting to play Modern Warfare 2:

“The latest Modern Warfare 2 patch, to address hacking, will release on Playstation 3 worldwide on March 8th.”

My son played this last weekend and said that every game he was in was hacked. Someone actually made him level 70 without him doing anything or asking for it to be done. The guy somehow made everyone gain enough points to max out. He called me in to see it, and as he joined the next game, it happened again. People were flying all over, and one person was shooting cars from a gun. Yes, cars!

  • Jay

    [email protected] car gun. Should have recorded that

  • Beastxjason

    I like the cop car with the blow up doll mod. Was funny. So how does that saying go?” A day late a dollar short” This was ruined awhile ago. Good job Infinity. good grief.

  • Sweet! Addressing MW2 hacking a year and a half after the game’s release.

    Yeah, that’s sarcasm. IW was utterly incapable of addressing any of the game’s glitches and hacks on any of the platforms it released on. I’m supposed to be enthused that they decided to fix another screw up in the laundry list of screw ups, most of which still exist?

  • Car shooter! I would like to see that lol

  • Im glad I got rid of this game when bc2 was released. never looked back. It’s a shame though for those that stayed loyal to the CoD brand.

  • pedro

    I was under the impression hacked PS3 consoles/PSN accounts were being banned. Guess i was wrong.

  • Beastxjason

    pedro: I was under the impression hacked PS3 consoles/PSN accounts were being banned. Guess i was wrong.  

    Not for game hacking. Sony doesn’t care. They ban the psn id then the guy gets back on with a new one and prestige in hacked lobby and is back in business. You can win.

  • Jay

    Why not implement a console equivalent to PunkBuster or something? Although I haven’t played PC games for some time, this did a decent job of weeding out the hackers and cheaters. I had a simple skin mod to make a plane look cooler (changed the camo to a more accurate representation in BF42) and couldn’t get in a game because it didn’t match up with the game’s unmodded assets.