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7 Comments at PAX East 2011 |

Hey all! Just wanted to let all of you know that PS3BLOG.NET will be at this years PAX East event in Boston Massachusetts. Tosh and I are still in talks if I am going to Live Blog it or not but since I am the only one going I am not sure how much time I will have to do all of that. The goal is to meet up with as many developers as I can to try and get the latest and greatest! It will be some what hard to Live Blog it all as I am talking to people and asking them questions. Then again I am going there for 3 days so maybe I can dedicate one of the days to just Live Blogging stuff. As we get closer to Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will let you guys know!


  1. Beastxjason

    Find a Capcom Rep, put them in a corner and ask them when the PS3 will get Monster Hunter! Your life depends on it! 🙂

  2. I sorta live blogged from E3 last year.. by sending text messages to Twitter and Pics to TwitterPics or whatever. That was before I had a Smart Phone. You will be busy and overwhellmed, so just casually sending updates and pics would be cool.

  3. live blog would be great, if no oh well looking forward to reading about it

  4. awesome Luke. I wanted to go so bad but things just didn’t pan out.

  5. Have fun!

  6. Here’s hoping for many many new announcements (:

  7. Eddie: awesome Luke.I wanted to go so bad but things just didn’t pan out.  

    Not to worry my dear boy, you are going to E3 are you not?

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