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Rochard, New PS3 Exclusive! |

I’m not really sure what happened here but I must have fallen asleep at the wheel and totally forgot about this game. I know I looked at it a few days ago and meant to do a post but some how it slipped my mind. A little earlier this evening I was browsing the good old internetz and I some how came across this game again. After looking at the database I noticed it was missing. So without further adieu, here’s some information and a video for the new up coming exclusive, from Recoil Games.

So John Rochard, an Astro Miner is drilling for Turbinium in the deep recesses of space one day when all of a sudden his crew disappears and space bandits attack. Good thing that John isn’t one of the guys at PS3BLOG.NET and is actually a team player. So what’s John’s mission you ask? Well nothing out of the ordinary really, just manipulate gravity, complete rock hard puzzles, beat some baddies, save the crew and be back in time for tea! Man I could really go for some team right now.. oh and just in case I left something out, hit the jump and watch the video.

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  1. Beastxjason

    Looks like the guy from Final Fight 😛 Im not a puzzle guy myself. Always good to see an exclusive though. Ill check the demo out if they get one for sure.

  2. The art style brings back memories of Evil Genius and Team Fortress 2! Supposedly they r going to try and get a demo out around the final release date or so. Looking forward to trying it out!

  3. Off topic (This is our 7,000th published post!)

  4. Tosh: Off topic (This is our 7,000th published post!)  


    on topic:

    Trine meets Mario????

  5. Tosh: Off topic (This is our 7,000th published post!)  

    Off topic I think I win something!

  6. Luke:

    Off topic I think I win something!  


    A brand new ca………..bbage!

  7. Grats on 7k posts ^^

  8. Seems cool.

    I hope PSN games don’t get too repetitive.

    Hooray! (7000 posts)

  9. Huh, game flew under my radar for a while as well. I’m getting a “Trine” vibe and that’s always good.

  10. Jonaskin

    I was reading this on Joystiq the other day. Sounds cool, with elements of Bionic Commando Rearmed, Dead Space and Portal.

    One thing though – I know (or at least I’m assuming) ‘Rochard’ is meant to be pronounced ‘Rock Hard’ but does anyone else read it as ‘Ro Shard’?

  11. the game actually looks pretty slick. I love these kinds of games.

  12. Jay: the game actually looks pretty slick. I love these kinds of games.  

    I am with you on that Jay. A lot of the time it’s games like this one that wins me over the $60 titles.

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