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Uncharted 3 Lead Designer Interview on Katherine Marlowe |

Here’s a quick interview with Richard Lemarchand, in which he reveals some information as to what type of villain she is, as well as revealing she does, in fact, have a long history with Sully. At the end of the video, they also talk about 3D, and how that helped, essentially, create Naughty Dog Engine 3.0.


  1. Cool.

    3D seems quite mandatory for PS3 exclusives these days.

  2. Well it’s good to hear that making it have 3D has caused them to improve their game engine! Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. As long as even including 3D tech doesn’t detract from or reduce in any way the 2D graphical experience. Because let’s be honest: Who really cares about 3D right now? .001% of the population? Maybe in a few or several years the TVs will have broader market penetration (though I still doubt that many people want to wear willy glasses to watch TV), but by then, who’s going to care about Uncharted 3?

  4. Beastxjason

    The episode last night was tit’s A lot of good things for Sony.

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