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Killzone 3 Game Night Recap | 3.10 |

Gameplay footage is from the viewpoint of Ace. Thanks for recording that Ace! He played really well as usual. Hung out in the PS Home Clubhouse for a few minutes before heading into battle. Had a really good turnout again, had a pretty full squad to start out. The match above we where so close to winning! Just had to carry the battery another few feet to win.

Here is everyone that came that I can recall. More showed up but I can’t remember their names. Let me know and I’ll get your points awarded.

Dean147, Jcmdaddy, Blackstaffer, Ace, Cazamalos, SicSemperTyranis.

Everyone gets 50 points for coming. Ace gets 100 points for uploading gameplay footage! I won’t be able to host one this Thursday. But somebody else is welcome to host it that night or any other night for that matter.

  • HAHAHAH you running around and bashing everyone is pure enjoyment. I see @Blackstaffer came around ah?

  • you are your RPG, Ace. Unstoppable.


  • XD man, that second battery, watching how many times we dropped it, hilarious lol.

  • Oly

    Nice!! Were the gift codes given out?

  • Beastxjason

    Lol anybody who has the game should get into the game nights. They are enjoyable.

  • I was there for a bit.

  • I gave Dean147 a KZ3 dynamic theme. I still need to hand out the rest.