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New Chat System for |

As you may have noticed we have a new chat system in place for members of to use. It’s a big upgrade from the previous chat system. I know some of you where worried about the Live Chat not being in the sidebar anymore, but I brought that back for you, plus the mobile live chat is better to, no need to refresh anymore.

By default most of you will have the chatroom display in the sidebar. I suggest you change it to display in the footer instead though. To do that, go to your profile:

My Account > Profile > Edit Profile

Then go to Site Preferences and select “Pop-out” and save. You can change this setting whenever you wish. Note: If you are on part of the site when the regular sidebar isn’t displayed, the chatroom will display in the footer.

Here is a run down of all the features:

  • Chatroom – There will always be a default called “ Lobby” which you will automatically join when you open the chatroom in the footer. Or if you prefer it to be in the sidebar it will auto join there.
    • You can create a password protected room or a invitation only room
    • If you set your profile to have the pop-out chatroom it will show in the bottom of the site. From there you can pop-out the chatroom.
      Note: Sound notifications only work while it’s NOT popped out. The sidebar chatroom doesn’t have a sound notifications either since it’s essentially popped out already. That’s the only way I could get it to display in the sidebar. Might be possible to add this function at a later time.
  • While in a chatroom click any persons name to start a private conversation with that member.
  • When you are chatting with somebody privately you can play 25+ 2 player games with each other. Handwrite a message or even send files to each other. Plus you can view past chats with your friends
  • All your friends will show up in your “Who’s Online” section.
  • The Facebook & Twitter Icons will display the latest activity from
  • There are single player games you can play as well.
  • You can have a custom status. Set if your Available, Busy, Invisible or Offline.
    • Disable sound notifications
    • Disable popup notifications
  • Share This Page – Since this chat bar is on every page of the site you can share anything on from blog posts to forum/group forums topics.
  • Announcements – Live Announcements can be pushed out so I can keep you in the loop of important news.
  • Translate the page to your own language

Let me know what you think of the new chat system.

  • Beastxjason

    1080p on my hd tv isnt easy to read lol Wish there was an enlarge text button. The lay out is nice

  • Might be able to make a HDTV version of the chatrooms. I’ll look into it. Does it work on the PS3 Browser though?

  • Pretty cool features! Looking forward to trying it out.

  • Jay

    @Jason: Hold down control and mousewheel it. I have a 1080P TV, with text enlarged on sites and in the chat. Here’s a pic of my setup:

  • Beastxjason

    @Tosh I havent tried yet. @Jay thanks. That helps me out alot. I tried the windows magnify deal and it sucked but that works for me. I need new glass’s as well lol

  • I’m diggin the changes, keep up the hard work

  • damn leave for a few days and theres a fair few new features nice

  • Nice job on the changes @Tosh, really cool!

  • pedro

    I liked the changes right now (a little better than the bottom bar version).