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T-Shirt Giveaway Extravaganza Coming! |

So I am back from PAX East 2011. I had a lot of fun being there, it was nice to see all the new and upcoming stuff as well as some of the old. This year was the first year that PAX East 2011 was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center. I was told that there were some 70 thousand people that registered, which makes it a huge success, but from what I saw, BCEC can hold a lot more than that, and supposedly there are plans to make it even bigger. The world on the street is that they want to make it even bigger than PAX West. I was even told that there is a rumor circulating around that PAX might even be heading to London. It seem like PAX wants to take over the world… well maybe not, but it does seem that they are trying to give the fans, or consumers the ability to go to these type of shows and see the latest and greatest unlike that of E3 which is more media oriented. Having said all of this, lets go ahead and get to the t-shirts, that we are going to be giving away!

  • 1 Large Deus EX: Human Revolution T-Shirt
  • 1 Large Hunted: The Demon’s Forge T-Shirt
  • 3 Large L.A. Noire T-Shirts
  • 2 Large Portal 2 T-Shirts
  • 2 Large Shoot Many Robots T-Shirts
  • Thanks again for the T-Shirts you all!

    • Beastxjason

      Hunted ones are dope. Cool tatto idea with the skull 😛

    • @Beastxjason you know my wife doesn’t care of me getting gaming shirts but she actually liked that one a lot. Not going to keep it though, those are all the shirts up for grabs. Some of them have a front and back to them.

    • Deus EX, Hunted & Portal are the nicest. Good Job on the PAX reporting Luke.
      Nice spoils aswell.

    • Oh my god i want the deus ex shirt

    • @Fatalveli thanks but I haven’t even begun to report yet 🙂

    • Socom video was enough for me.

      Luke: @Fatalveli thanks but I haven’t even begun to report yet   

    • some minted t-shirts there like

    • I sure do wish there were some other sizes in shirts, for us smaller guys. Nice though.

    • @Skott sorry about that. Honestly I am a medium myself, but it seems that a lot of people always get a larger size. Then again who knows what happens once it gets thrown into the washer. Might actually shrink!

    • pedro

      Deus Ex is awesome! I want it!

      (even tough I’m very thin…)

    • Very cool looking shirts! When does the contest start?

    • wow nice t-shirts 😛