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New Portal 2 Campaign Footage and Interview |

Before leaving PAX East, I managed to put my people skills to solidify a time with Valve. The pay off was great; I was given a chance to record brand new footage of Portal 2’s single player campaign mode… well, to be honest, it had nothing to do with people skills; I was just lucky enough to get slotted in by Doug Lombardi. So, here we have Chet Faliszek set the stage. Telling us about how someone fell out through the booth wall a day prior and how funny it was. As you can see, everyone laughed, so sadly enough, we all agreed (sad face). Anywho, he then tells us that the footage is going to mainly focus on the characters, and new elements within the game. This was nice to hear, because we have already seen and heard a good amount of information about the co-op. So, without further delay, hit the jump for both videos.

After the gameplay was finished, we split up into different groups and interviewed the guys from Valve. I totally forgot the other 2 guys that were with me, but they weren’t from PS3BLOG.NET. We interviewed Joshua Weier the Project Lead Coordinator at Valve Software. He was kind enough to answer a few of our questions that we had, but due to the loud noise in the background, we had to edit one of the guys out since it was just too hard to hear him.

  • Beastxjason

    Damn I would have asked you to ask for left4dead series on a blu ray for ps3 lol Great work man!

  • @Beastxjason that’d be nice if L4D3 was on PS3 WITH cross console feature, that’d be awesome. Then I could play against my roomy XD.

    Definitely looking forward to Portal 2! Now make HL3 dammit!

  • @Beastxjason I did ask him if they r thinking of being any other games like L4D to the PS3 in re interview. He said that as of now they are not thinking about it.

    @Jcmdaddy do you mean half life 2 episode 3?

  • @Luke no I mean HL3. There has been major speculation that since they never did an Episode 3, that they’re just going to make a new source engine and make HL3 pick up right after episode 2.

    Figure that makes sense, since their idea of ‘episodic expansions’ wasn’t very….quick XD. Huge time frames between 1 and 2.

  • Oh really? I never heard about HL3 yet. I guess as long as they tie the game together it will be all good.

  • @Luke Well there is no official announcement, that’s just the speculation that’s been there since the Orange box came out. One of the main arguments is that they will want to make the game look on par with the current games out. Which honestly I don’t care. Give me episode 3 on the source engine! The game looked fine, and I’m more interested in the story and gameplay, could care less if it looks “Last gen” as they say lol. As long as they don’t pull a Doom 3. Valve did say they had 3 surprises for us this year…so we will see.

  • Ohhh i SO cannot wait for Portal 2!!!!1

  • pedro

    Portal was an awesome game, a little too short, but great.

    This one seems even better and funnier and it’s totally worth the buy since you’ll be getting a free copy for pc!

  • It was short because it was something they supposedly put together for kicks and it just exploded. The second is going to be longer and I am sure even better.

  • The first Portal is basically a revamp to a game created by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Valve liked what they’d created and brought them aboard, and then redid the game keeping some of their initial elements, and made it into a solid experience.