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Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode II Trailer |

Slowly but surely we are getting more and more Battlefield 3 goodness! As you can see I wasn’t making this stuff up in my Battlefield 3 Impressions article. This game looks incredible and the fact that DICE didn’t sacrifice any detail just to make the game look pretty is fantastic! Just look at all that crazy detail, the pipe steam after the pipe is shot, clay pots exploding from getting annihilated, and even the pieces of concrete flying off the walls as they are shot by the sniper is just crazy!

  • You weren’t kidding on your impressions post. That’s some impressive stuff. Gave me chills.

  • Jay

    this game looks like it’s going to be intense. I wish I had an awesome PC lol

  • derrickgott007

    I’m just going to ignore these videos. It will not look this good on PS3. It’s been stated by the developer as so. PC’s have unlimited amounts of RAM so it’s not even worth comparing. Alot of the little bells and whistles more than likely won’t make it to the console version.

    Remember, these demos are running on a state of the art PC, probably with quad graphics cards, 8gb of RAM, etc. The console version will be running on 6 year old equipment with 512mb RAM. Do the math.

  • Oh man. That does look awesome. Guess I’m going have to upgrade to 8GB of ddr3 and get a new motherboard.

  • pedro

    Jay: this game looks like it’s going to be intense. I wish I had an awesome PC lol  

    Yeah, me too.

    But I’ll still have to check it out, just because it looks so good. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a FPS title.

  • I’m reading the developer’s publications, they have some awesome stuff for PS3 also. PS3 will no way look as good as the PC, but it will be quite good, as DICE seems to be really into utilizing Cell, at least some features that make use of DX11 is being translated to Cell code, and cell is being put to very good use as it is being used for rendering in conjunction with the RSX, like first party devs are doing. There are some things that cannot be done on consoles, the lighting will not be fully dynamic, but it will still provide a very dynamic world.

  • Thanks for info @Emrah, I agree with everyone that Battlefield 3 will not be on consoles what it is on the PC but I also doubt that DICE a studio who has always pushed out great quality games and pushed the envelope is going to make the game look like shit just because it’s on a different platform.

    If there is a way they will utilize anything and everything to make it the best looking game. Honestly I am thinking of upgrading my PC anyways so I am sure that within the year or so I am going to get a new PSU, and and the Ati Radeon 5970 HD, DX11 ready with 2GBs of ram onboard, this isn’t for battlefield but it’s been years since I upgraded my PC and want to be able to play Diablo 3 without problems once that comes out.

  • Beastxjason

    GOTY right there. I like how treyarch says they can do the same engine with the current cod build. Sore losers

  • this will be very cool. cant wait

  • Beastxjason: I also have doubts they can get close to what battlefield is doing! But they still can make it look much nicer and more dynamic if their engine has some flexibility: They have more than double the space to fill with effects as they run at 60fps, so they have a whole frame worth of free space to add eye-candy. But I really like their dedication to provide 60fps gaming, that’s really nice in its own right.

  • just goes to show if you put a little love into the game rather than just putting it together to make money what you can end up with.

    This game looks ridiculously AMAZING! Even if it’s PC footage. It has given me butterfly’s in my stomach. Glad I pre-ordered it a few weeks ago!