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EA, Crysis 2 Demo on PS3 Having Technical Issues |

The Crysis 2 demo hit the PSN last night but it’s had nothing but issues from the start. When I try to connect to a game all it does is clock and then times out. I noticed a bunch of other people having the same issues. Hit the jump for EA’s official statement:

We understand that players are having technical issues with the PlayStation 3 Crysis 2 multiplayer demo and we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We apologize if it is affecting your experience and we appreciate your patience and support.

  • I had the same problems but i stuck with it & got a solid 2 hours in the same maxed out lobby. Takes time to get used it the whole controls but overall im quite impressed. Graphically its not bad either but not as good as hoped for. Sound effects are dodgy at times but hold up. Not a bad start but could be better. I got to level 8 in just under an hour so dead easy to level up!

  • Yeah will try it again later

  • I was only able to connect to one game for two rounds. It seems decent so far, just wish it worked better so I could try out the customization. Gave up after a while and played Killzone instead. Let’s hope they fix it soon.

  • pedro

    Crappy *cough* Port *cough*

    Why does this has to happen every time? Can’t we get a break?

  • Beastxjason

    Game is garbage all the way around. Huge pass for me. Way over hyped. The first one was gorgeous for its time but God of war and killzone 3 have destroyed the bar.