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Fire Hose Games/Slam Bolt Scrappers Interview! |

Earlier today, I had the chance to go up to Boston and Interview the mastermind of Fire Hose Games, Eitan Glinert, also known as “Fire Chief”, about their first title, Slam Bolt Scrappers. While driving up there, I got a little bit lost; damn me for not updating the GPS. Eventually, I did manage to get to the studio, and it was nice to be greeted with open arms… kidding Alec.

All jokes aside, from the team members that I did meet, all of them were cool; even their Chief Canine Officer, Tesla (photo of her below). I sat down and was offered a drink. Since I just got there and Eitan was taking care of business on the internetz, I accepted. After a few minutes, Eitan asked Nico, the brains behind all the animation, to let me try out the game. Right from the start, I liked it; the controls were simple, the game seemed to be really fluid, and you could pawn your friends; talk about winning! Once Nico finished showing me the game, Eitan and I talked about the studio, the game, and just how it all came together.

So, as I said previously, there were a lot of things that I liked about the game after only playing it for an hour or so, but it wasn’t always like that. When I first heard about the game, it seemed interesting, but I still wasn’t convinced. Sure, it seemed fun, but how long would that last, I wondered? That all really changed when I got a chance to play the game. I was totally blown away by the music, art, and depth. The game is refreshing and very unique, which is something that we need more of on the PSN. It’s not just about getting blocks and putting them together. There is a ton of stuff going on; I think I will leave it up to the game play footage below to speak for itself!

Tesla aka the CCO

  • Great interview Luke! We’re that much closer to being the greatest PS3 site ever!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this and get as much out of the game as possible. Felt $5 short of having a Platinum Trophy hehehe.

  • Oly

    Wow Luke you are all over the place!! Great job. DL the demo last night and can’t wait to try it out.

  • I bought it last night. Game is really good, hope they get a bunch of sales, really good group of guys

  • Great interview Luke. I’ll have to try the demo tonight. Pretty easy to pick up and play huh?

  • Yeah the game has simple controls a caveman could do it. I didn’t usethe tutorials since I had the professionals show me what’s up but yeah man you will puck it up quick. I am totally have my friend over to kick his ass. If I k ow him he will get the game to practice and come after me.

  • pedro reporting at it’s finest! Will we be seeing more of this? It’s cool!

  • Jay

    clearer videos on the way, stay tuned!

  • @pedro not sure honestly. This was the first time I actually went to a studio to do something like this. I would love to do more.

  • Beastxjason

    Ill give this a go. You got me interested.

  • Hey Luke and everyone!

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for checking out the game. It’s been a labor of love here at Fire Hose and we hope that it shows.

    Luke thanks a bunch for coming by man. Was great meeting you and I hope you enjoyed your time with us. Tesla would say hi, but she’s busy trolling noobs atm. 😉

  • Jay

    @ncorrao: Thanks for creating the game and giving us the opportunity to stop by!

  • 360 games in the background!!! Sacrilege!!! lol just kidding.

    Seems like a great studio and an Eitan seems very cool although I would endlessly have to make fun of his name.

    Great interview…even though he was running around in socks lol. Only way to make this better is if each of you had a beer in hand.

  • Hey Nico

    Thanks for stopping by. It was really cool to meet you guys. Not to blow smoke up anyone’s ass but game developers are what celebrities are to other people. So in a way it was like x-mas for me 🙂

    Tesla is awesome, hope she is pwning those noobs on Kotaku 😉
    Oh and don’t worry about @Eddie we make fun of his chin strap all the time!

  • @Eddie – Ha, yes we have an official ‘no socks required’ policy here at Fire Hose. Actually we pretty much have a ‘no pants allowed’ policy as well… it… gets a little weird around here.
    Beers are pretty much a staple of everyone’s diet as well. It’s not quite 11am here and I’m like 4 behind Eitan already! 😉

    @Jay – Thank you guys again for the opportunity. It’s sites like these that keep developers in the loop about how the community is responding to their work, and keep us pushing forward.

    @Luke – Celebrities!? shit I feel like I need to be addicted to something and checked into rehab before I reach that status. Donuts are a drug no?

  • lol great interview