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Uncharted 2 Game Night – 3/17/11 |

Good day fellow gamers! Tosh won’t be able to host a game night this week, so I’ve been handed the torch. Though I didn’t want to host another Killzone 3 game, even though it is fun, I want to change it up a bit with Uncharted 2!

So take a trip to 2009 with me this Thursday at 5:30pm Pacific Time, and we’ll have some fun. I’m hoping we get enough for a private match, and then I’m going to go through the footage and make a highlight reel of all our kills.

Add me on the PSN, my ID is Jcmdaddy (no wai!) just put that you’re from Hope to see you all there!


  1. awesome! I’ll definitely be up for some Uncharted 2, makes a nice change and I haven’t played the online for a while. see you guys there

    and where is tosh anyway ?

  2. Not sure where he is going to be, I think he is just busy this week.

  3. Count me in.

  4. I am def getting in on this. Tosh no longer plays this game cuz I beat his ass do much.

  5. I wont be doing the HOME meet up, because I haven’t been in there in forever XD, and I wont get home til about a few minutes after 5, so I’ll end up booting the game and waiting in the lobby.

  6. I’ll try to take part in this!

  7. The countdown is UTC adjusted, isn’t it? If so, this is great.

  8. @Emrah yes the countdown is adjusted to PDT (Daylight savings) (UTC -7)

  9. yes, any countdown we have on this site now is adjusted accordingly, so when it expires, it will be at the correct time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Luke: I am def getting in on this. Tosh no longer plays this game cuz I beat his ass do much.  

    mmm I remember it the other way around.

  11. Well we best be having another night so Tosh can defend his honor!

  12. i might have to dust off my copy!

  13. Do it Oly! You’ve got time!

  14. Man I left early after man handling these girls.

  15. I have many a screen shot showing otherwise. XD

  16. @Jcmdaddy damn you man! Damn you and your damn screenshots! Had a blast with you guys though ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. XD Hell ya. Those rocket matches were awesome. I was watching the videos of them lol, so insane. We HAVE to do it again.

  18. It was great playing with you guys tonight, had a blast!!

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