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Uncharted 2 Game Night Recap |

Success! The Uncharted 2 Game Night was great! We had 6 total when we started, which allowed us to play private matches of 3v3. The group consisted of Ace, Dean, Luke, Flea, Geezus, and myself. Flea and Geezus I’ve forgotten what your ps3blog ID’s are, so please leave a comment so we can award you the 50 points for attending.

We started off with a warm up round, so Luke could get his groove back, and then proceeded straight to some fun matches that consisted of only rockets!

These matches were insanely chaotic, with rockets flying across the map and everyone killing eachother instantly. My surround sound system was alive with explosions and rockets whistling past me. Everyone had a good laugh.

After we lost Luke, we jumped into some standard matches with the 5 of us to take on some random folks. These rounds were great and Geezus was always at the top of the scoreboard. I’ll have to toss him 75 extra points for his score.

Eventually we tried some Elimination, which was a round I’d never actually played before. When the match started I’d forgotten what mode we were in and just rushed in after two people, by mistake. Elimination was great, and we won most of them, minus our 0-3 game against a well organized group.

I’m going to have to give Dean an additional 75 points for being the ninja of the group. I swear that guy would get me from the most random places. I’d die and never really know where he was.

Luke gets 75 bonus points for being a good sport in the warm up round….also for this voicemail I left him last night:

I’ve included some screenshots after the jump to highlight some moments from the games, and I plan on working on a video this weekend with just the insane rocket kills we had!

I can’t wait to have another Uncharted 2 game night!

For video of this game night check out this post.

Drakes first experience getting smacked by a Chimera.

Me chasing Luke down…

Geezus with his no look jump shot with the rocket launcher.

Luke just wouldn’t let go of that pillar! I had to assist him.

Taking out the enemy with a little water explosion.

Luke got a little confused on how he was supposed to move around on the map.

It may seem like I’m jumping out of the way, but really Ace got me good…

Yet another jump shot by Geezus.

Easiest way to clean off the side of a building is with a well placed rocket!

Ace caused this little explosion, out of nowhere.

Ace’s glowing red eyes also double as targeting reticles!

  • Yeah some good that practice did me, I think I was even worse after it 😀

  • You did fine with those rockets lol, those were some damn close games XD.

  • Jay

    lmao at the voicemail

  • sam

    how do i get in on this game night action?

  • @Sam just keep an eye open for the game night posts on the site. The past few game nights have all been on Thursday, typically hosted by Tosh who does Killzone 3. He wasn’t available this week though so I took over with some Uncharted. When it’s game night we’ll have a count down timer to when it starts, and we all gather up. Whoever is hosting will post their PSN ID, just add them and they’ll invite you! We’ll be going again next Thursday for sure. Though I’m thinking of doing an alternative game night as well so we can get two going. We’ll see.

  • Awesome screenshots! Ace and the rest of the guys were a blast to play with, plus 75 points, can’t beat that!

  • @Geezus man I was using the time stamps you gave me, but I wasn’t using them for the match timer, I was using them as the film timer XD so it was all backwards lol, finally noticed after the first two time stamps you gave me, I was all ‘whoops…’

  • @jcmdaddy it’s all good. I thought about that after we were done. I was like, “wait a min… did he want the match times or…?”. The screenshots look great regardless. If your ever in the mood for Uncharted 2 multiplayer action, let me know. I’m always up for a game or two.

  • Oly

    ahahaha I hope Luke is feeling better as well!

  • haha nice recap, and yeah it did seem I was killing you a lot more than anyone else jcm. 😛

    was a lot of fun, I think Uncharted 2 is probably the best game to play on game nights. can’t wait for the next one, but I definitely need to sharpen up my skills on that game, hadn’t played it for months.

  • Last night was a blast. Uncharted 2 is always fun to play w/friends.

  • @Dean147 Nice images there Dean

    @Sakinah Yes, haha! I knew you were Flea XD I don’t know how I forgot that…yes, Uncharted is always fun with friends =) let us hope next time we can get a full 10!!

  • Ace

    Awesome game night, And i owned with RPG tehe. Epic voice mail LMAO!

  • Looks like I bought uncharted 2 a day late 🙁

  • [email protected] voicemail. You can hear the concern in your voice

  • ahh missing all the game nights recently oh well. Hopefully be able to join in on the next one

  • im a little upset i missed this…u guys have to do another one!

  • @etguitar well maybe if you sweet talk Tosh, he’ll host another one XD

  • Finally got your points awarded, sorry about the delay.