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Dynasty Warriors 7, Gameplay & Screens |

We received word that there are a bunch of new assets out for Dynasty Warriors 7, and rightfully so, as the game is on the brink of release in North America. The game which has already released in Japan on the 10th of March, will be out across the global with a release in North America on the 29th of March and the 8th of April in the EU.

In Dynasty Warrior 7, experience a new Story Mode and follow the captivating story of four Kingdoms battling for rule of China. Experience the individual tales of the Shu, Wu, Wei, and the new Jin Kingdoms as they shape China from the warring chaos at the end of the Later Han period to the division of the Lan into Three Kingdoms. Take your faction through this key point in history and tell the story of the Dynasty that rose to seize power and unify the country once again

Check out the video and screenshots after the jump and if you want more information about the game check out the Dynasty Warrior 7 website.



  • Beastxjason

    I want this so bad. $65 is a tad steep at the moment so ill have to wait for it to go on sale or pick it up used this summer. Hopefully we can get a review done for it. I trust only Koei fans for reviews on DW games.

  • $65? Where do you see that? Aren’t most games $59.99 tops?
    Pretty cool how this game is going to have 3D support.

  • Beastxjason

    Arizona its like 65.40 because of the tax etc 3d would be fun on this but who can afford a decent 3d tv? Sony only gaurentees that their tv will work with ps3. Thats $$$$$$$$$$

  • Thought I was the only one excited for this game. Got my copy on pre-order. Koei’s finally taking steps in the right direction with this franchise.

  • ohh havent played a DW game in awhile this looks interesting

  • pedro

    Seems cool.

    Will definitely keep an eye out for it.

  • Is this the same Dynasty Warriors franchise that used to be in the Arcades?