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Blu-ray Releases for the Week of 3.22.11 |

Ahh the classic Ernest movies. I re-watched Ernest Goes to Jail later last year with my wife and it was still great. I seem to recall watching most of the Ernest movies. Skyline interested me but not enough to pay full price to see it. So maybe a rental later. Anything interest you this week?

Highlights for this week: The Tourist, Yogi Bear, Stand By Me (25th Anniversary Edition), Skyline, The Venture Bros.: The Complete Season 4, Ernest Double Feature: Ernest Goes to Camp & Ernest Goes to Jail, How Do You Know, Anastasia.

  • pedro

    I think I’m not going to the movies as often.

    I haven’t watched any of those…

  • Beastxjason

    The tourist was good. She is showing her age though.

  • No purchases for me this week. Got Beauty and the Beast, Superman Returns and Scott Pilgrim a day before the baby was born so now I just need to find a good 2 hour chunck to watch any of them or just realize I must watch them in parts hehehe.

  • Oly

    “Arthur and the Invisibles 2 & 3 Blu-ray Double Feature” also came out today, and is exclusive to WalMart. The first one was great, and these two have previously only been released in European theaters. I picked them up this am for the family!!

    “Twentieth Century Fox has announced Arthur and the Invisibles 2 & 3: The New Minimoy Adventures for Blu-ray release on March 22. In these two part-live action, part-animated films, directed by Luc Besson, Freddie Highmore returns to the role he played in the 2006 Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur et les Minimoys).

    According to the press release, this two-movie set will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart, but strangely Amazon also has it up for preorder.”

  • Oly

    Ernest goes to camp brings back soo many good memories.. lol

    Also will be checking out Skyline, but herd it was horrible, so will def redbox it for $2

  • Ferrari

    The Tourist was good, Angelina was a straight up MILF there.

    but I think my first blu ray movie purchase is going to be Tron Legecy. That movie blowed my mind for some reason. It was spectacular!

  • Ya Tron Legacy is a must have Blu-ray! The soundtrack is awesome too!