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Uncharted 2 Game Night 3/24/11 |


It’s almost that time again! Thursday is fast approaching and it seems that I’ll be hosting another game night! With the reception we got from last weeks, along with the people who were disappointed that they missed it, I’ve decided to do another Uncharted 2 game night.

So join the gang this Thursday March 24th at 5:30pm PDT. Just add me to your PSN friendlist (my ID is Jcmdaddy). I have most of you already from last time. We had a lot of fun, but we had a few open slots, so fill them up!

Also, let us know if there are days that work better for others; I’d be more than happy to host twice a week if we had people who have different days that work best for them!

  • oh hopefully i can make this one tho i dont have any of the dlc

  • @Kane112 its fine of you lack DLC, no worries!

  • k Ill try to be there 😀

  • Oh yeah!! Ace & Dean, you’re going down!!

  • pedro

    I’ll try to check in this time!

  • Don’t worry about showing up late either! We can always invite when a match is over 🙂 we played for about 3 hours last time. But I can stay on all night.

  • See you guys there.

  • Really wish someone would do a GameDAY instead!

  • @squirtbot as in all day, or in the earlier afternoon hours XD. I’d be more than willing to host early games on Saturday or Sunday, say 11am-12pm start time, if we had the numbers. I just can’t during the week for obvious reasons.

  • Kane112: oh hopefully i can make this one tho i dont have any of the dlc  

    Im with you Kane. Was going to buy a card for the DLC then son needed Microsoft points for COD maps. Im trying to teach him auto aim is bad lol