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GeoHot Fled to South America? |

Well at least that is the current rumor running around since it has been established that George Hotz not only deleted information from his PC’s when he was issued a court order not to, but he also lied about having a PSN account in which Sony has discovered.

You can access the Sony legal documents on this info here

  • Ouch !

  • Loco

    Hackers rejoice down south he is know as GeoCaliente! 🙂

  • L/L

    Been following this as well. The only thing mentioned above that is not speculation is Hotz’s breach of the court order. The psn account, despite it being registered from Hotz’s home ip address, will probably require a bit of convincing that it was actually Hotz himself who created it.

  • The PSN account isn’t whats going to have him found guilty or not guilty. It was a move to claim jurisdiction and its enough evidence to do so. Now Sony has enough reason to have him tried in California which is what they wanted the whole time.

    Guilty or not…he asked for donations…got about 13,000 dollars for “lawyers” then takes a trip to south america? really?

  • pedro

    That guy is just making things bad for himself… poor fellow.

    He’ll be terribly sad when he comes down here, things are A LOT more expensive, specially games and electronics.

  • L/L

    I wasn’t implying the case revolved around the psn account. The psn account is more relevant to the terms of agreement a user agrees to in order to create one, and not just the jurisdiction. My point was that the evidence is circumstantial and will be difficult to prove.