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Resident Evil PS2/PS3 Screen Comparisons |

As a follow up to Sakinah’s post, here are some screenshots showing the difference between Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 (Left) and the newly re-done version for PS3 (right). Resident Evil 4 will be released on the PSN sometime this fall. These remakes are really breathing life into some old classics, and I want more.

Thoughts? Will you be picking these up?


  • That really is a big upgrade!!!

  • darth vader

    The 4th screen shot on the ps3 side looks terrible. I have the gamecube version and it does not look that bad….what is going on?

  • pedro

    I played it on the PC, and I don’t recall it looking that bad. I think they deliberately blurred the image. I hate when they do that.

  • hobbes

    this is one series i’m really just blah on remakes for. Especially after playing dead space, and the novel concept of being able to walk and shoot at the same. Playing re5 was almost painful, infact it’s sitting on my shelf at home waiting to be played, so until this gets released and is discounted to, 5$ or so, i’ll pass. GT5 is sucking my ps3 into oblivion currently.

  • Look, they’re comparing 480i blown up to 720p “size” with a clean 720p shot on the PS3 side. Sure, it’s an upgrade but it’s also a bit unfair.

    Will probably get both once they go on sale on PSN…

  • @Pedro Pc would look better this is a ps2 comparison. PS2 was what 540×480

    @Eden How else would they compare it lol?

  • pedro

    @Jason Hadn’t thought about that… however I have played it on my crappy computer, so I’m not sure if that was very different… probably yes, because it wasn’t such a long time ago.

    anyway, the close ups don’t look half bad, but I’d have to see the broader angles to even think about it…

  • I agree with Pedro and Eden. It wouldn’t have hurt to use actual ingame shots of RE4 for this. This is what the PS2 and GC versions looks like w/o the blur. PS2 version is the bottom pic.

  • Oly

    Still looks a lot better. 😎

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Hmmm everyone always said that the older ones where more scary than RE5. So it depends. If i get gamefly for next year then, i will not buy it. only bc i have 5 other games to buy and need to save up.