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New Deus Ex: Human Revolution – “Three Ways to Play” trailer |

This game is really looking good. As I mentioned before, out of everything I saw at E3 last year, the “Cut Scene” trailer shown for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, peaked my interest the most. In this new trailer, we see Adam Jensen showing us three different ways to infiltrate Sarif Manufacturing.

See Luke’s Impressions of the game from PAX, for more.

  • pedro

    I really liked that video.

    Only things I thought were odd was the transition between 1st and 3rd person (when in cover) and I wasn’t really a big fan of the takedown transition as well, I’d imagine if you play it for, lets say 30 hours, you’ll get bored eventually of that.

    A part of those two things, the video shows the game is looking really promising, voice acting and dialog are particularly well done I thought.

    For now (and I doubt this will change) day 1 purchase for me. GOTY strong competitor.

  • Luke

    Yeah they did an awesome job with the video. Really like how they are advertising this game.

    I saw a video that showed how Adam Jensen wasn’t really into this whole augmentation deal and then almost had his life taken away by some cat, so once he gets augmentated to save his life he is all pissed off about the choice they took from him.

    So it really seems like they want to drive the point across about having multiple choices in this game.

  • pedro

    I agree with you Luke, this game seems to be all about multiple choices.

    And apparently they also are focusing on different outcomes, for those different paths.

    So, for example, if you choose to sneak your way in you’ll get one repercussion, but if you just shoot everybody the outcome of that mission (and possibly other things) will be completely different!

    I really hope this game is the one to take “shades of grey kind of choices” and “multiple choices repercussions” to another level.

  • Yea, this game is looking nice