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Insomniac “Not making NGP games” and Resistance Will Support Move + 3D |

In a double dose of Insomniac news, Insomniac has announced that they currently have no interest in developing for the NGP and that their focus lies strictly with the PS3 and 360. This really isn’t shocking news as they do not currently develop on handhelds. Even Resistance Retribution was developed by Sony Bend. The NGP Resistance game will be developed by Nihilistic Software. A downer, but not a shocker.

In other news, Resistance 3 will support Move and 3D in the wake of positive feedback that Killzone 3 has received. Again, not a shocker, but good news nonetheless for motion gaming and 3D fans.

  • pedro

    I pretty sure someone would say it, so I’l just say it first: 3D and Move is great; IF it doesn’t hinge in any degree the rest of the game.

    News on the NGP is just like you said Eddie, “downer, but not a shocker”.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Hmmm NGP disappointment that they arn’t developing. But Move/3D support is great maybe i will get my moneys worth with the sharpshooter. ANd guys Yesterday at night Insomniac was giving out a lot of stuff. They gave away 5 beta codes to R3. I was pissed that i didnt win cuz um i gave the right answer and what not but it didnt go through Facebook is so unreliable. But yea sadens me PS+ ppl should get first dibs