Dynasty Warriors 7: Free DLC Costumes and Japanese Voice Track

To celebrate the launch of Dynasty Warriors 7, Tecmo Koei America and Omega Force have a couple of surprises for everyone.

The Japanese voice track will be available as free DLC for both versions in North America, along with a collection of free costumes. There will also be a paid DLC coming soon. More details to come, so check back here often!

Written by: Oly - Senior PR Manager

  1. #1 by pedro on March 31st, 2011 [ 39949 Points ]

    I couldn’t find the game anywhere around here :/

    Guess I’ll have to wait and see…

  2. #2 by Kane112 on March 31st, 2011 [ 35672 Points ]

    ah that sucks perdro just picked up the game myself the day

  3. #3 by Jason on April 1st, 2011 [ 28406 Points ]


  4. #4 by Spurlock on April 2nd, 2011

    Anyone know about when it will be released? The english dubs are the most cheesy thing ever.

  5. #5 by Jason on April 3rd, 2011 [ 28406 Points ]

    Japanese store has them now. Not sure if it is region locked. Typically only the games are.

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