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Hactivists Group “Anonymous” Hacks PSN, Blocking Donations to Tsunami Victims |

Yesterday the hactivists group “Anonymous” began a DDOS attack on all things Sony for the “unforgivable treatment of Geohot” These attacks have taken down several Sony websites as well as PSN access.

As if this cyber terrorism wasn’t bad enough within itself, they have officially blocked the capability of PSN members donating to the tsunami relief fund. It was just announced by that Sony has managed to help raise 1.3 million dollars so far.

I believe PSN is back up now but with promise of future, more malicious attacks, we can’t expect it to stay that way. We do know that they are planning “Dox” attacks which is to obtain and use personal information of the employees at Sony.

One thing is for sure though…these groups have no interest in right or wrong, but to simply establish fame, fear and their own selfish idealism’s.

  • L/L

    Please don’t feed the troll.

    PS, nerds? Had to laugh.

  • Ajescent

    But…they are the good guys no?!!

  • damn talk about taking things too far

  • hehe yea I thought the tags were comical and appropriate.

    I have to steal a quote from NeoGaf for this…

    “From the depths of my moms basement I stab at thee!”

    In all seriousness though they have gone too far. The collateral damage of hurting the consumer does nothing more than solidfy Sony’s stance. Pure vigilante injustice.

  • pedro

    Damn… those guys really lost their point. What good is it going to do by hurting those poor people.

    As I said on the other post, they really do know how not to prove a point.

    They’re just making Sony look right. Even though Sony is probably not (not completely anyway).

  • Sony, under current law, are in the right. This case will likely decide if that law should stand or not.

    What is wrong is taking things into your own hands and hurting several people who purchased the product in the process.

    After this case, we will have a clearer depiction of the law.

  • Well put Eddie!!!

    Would LOVE to see Anon get some of their own medicine! They seem to be becoming what they originally stood against (as in standing up for the layman).

  • pedro

    @Eddie, I know Sony is right and is backed by the law.

    What I meant is, even though they’re right, they might have taken a step too far. I found some of the actions taken towards innocent people (namely the ones who merely entered the website) to be a little too much. Of course I understand where that comes from, but that’s just my opinion.

    Doesn’t mean I think those hackers are right. They’re completely and utterly wrong! They have no right to do that and they’ve proven themselves wrong by doing that.

  • @pedro Sony didn’t “take” that action. The court did. The only people who have that information is Sony’s lawyers, Geohots lawyers and the judge. Even Sony is not permitted to keep a copy of that info.

    No action was really taken other than to establish jurisdiction of the case by the lawyers and judge.

    Just as Sony’s lawyers are trying to say several thousand people from California downloaded the file, Geohots lawyers are using the same information to say more people outside of california download the file.

    Basically if you want to blame Sony for this, Geohot and the government need to be blamed as well since they are using the info in the same way as Sony’s lawyers.

  • pedro

    @Eddie, dude, I don’t want to blame Sony.

    I think they are right and I would do the same thing if I were them. I think Geohot is a bastard and he single handedly messed the PS3 for good.

    I don’t agree with that, I personally have never entered his website, I don’t like jailbreak, I have never though about it and I’m 150% against piracy. I guarantee you that, as I pay an average 150% more then any of you guys here for any Sony product, specially PS3 products.

    So no, I don’t support Geohot or any of those pricks (Anonymous) in any way, but that does not mean I have to agree with everything Sony says or does, specially their lawyers.

    I know nothing will come out of it, but just imagine for a second what could happen if that list was misused and in some way, what it represents. That’s the only thing I’m not comfortable with, but I get it and if helps Sony get Geohot good I’m all for it. But you can’t blame me for feeling a bit terrified by that, I’m no lawyer but I can’t help but to think that’s a slight violation of some level of privacy for someone and what kind of precedents that could establish, that’s all.

    Basically: Go Sony! FU Geohot! Drop that imbecile act Anonymous, you’re hurting people who did nothing!

  • lol nah dude. I’m not saying who you should and shouldn’t cheer for. Thats up to you. Just saying the info that was gathered from the websites is being used by both parties. Yes Sony lawyers requested the info, but the judge granted the approval and both sides are using the info. I just hear a lot of “Sony has out information” talk when they actually do not.

  • pedro

    @Eddie, just to wrap this up, I’ve never said that “Sony outed the information”.

    Peace ;]

    And don’t worry, I’m not one to follow just because, but really, if you understood I supported him I must have really said something I didn’t mean to.

  • azidahaka

    well i’m not thinking about geohot, but graf chockolo that had his flat raider by police for no reason thanks to sony…

    his fault? he did hack his own console to run linux. a feature sony took out. Sony is slowly trying to change the status of the console we bought into rented machines. like you can by a car but not use it in the highways. their ads said “it does everything” and it mostly did before thay started cutting features.

    also connecting this fact with the tsunami victims is really worthy of a Loser.

  • “Sony” didn’t raid his house. The police department decided how they wanted to handle the situation after the complaint was registered by Sony’s lawyers.

    And Graf_chokolo distributed copywrited information as a threat to Sony. He posted publically that he would be releasing copywrited information if they did not drop the case vs Geohot. As of now, that is illegal and should go through the judicial system. If the law changes after that, then fine. Even DMCA and hacking aside, that falls under cyber terrorism and threatening which in itself is illegal.

  • derrickgott007

    There are valid points on both sides of the Sony battle. Sony is valid for their stance on piracy, and anon is valid for their stance on Sony removing Linux support which is why alot of people bought the system.

    It would be like buying a car because you liked the fact that it had a/c. Then 3 years later the maker of the car took your a/c out.

    I see both sides of this so I’m just gonna go play xbox till this all pans out.

  • this is just a revenge hack for suing Geohot and graf_chokolo…nothing to do with linux whatsoever. At least from anon’s point of view. This is just protection of fellow hackers. If they cared at all about the consumer, they wouldn’t be hacking the primary service in which the consumer is using….

  • Why block donations to the tsunami relief? I understand how “donations” work for big companies (they give OUR money as theirs and get a huge tax break) but at least it’s for a good cause and Japan getting $1,000,000+ right now is very, very helpful. If the blocking prevents another million from being raised is the attack justified?

  • Ace

    Hmm I still don’t buy it..

  • Oly

    Eddie is a TROLL

  • Oly

    Trolly troll troll

  • bob

    Graf chock did not threathen that he would be releasing copywrited information if they did not drop the case vs Geohot.Geohot had nothing to do with this.
    He Only said Sony backoff he is not doing anything illegal .they were trying to stop him from doing what he was doing.he said If he got pushed in a corner he would release the hypervisor bible that he reverse engineered on his own. Then sony decided to raid his home that is when the hypervisor bible exploded on the internet.He was only trying to get linux back .he hasnt released anything that would lead to piracy.Geohot had still the npdrm Key if he leaked that key into public nothing would have stopped piracy but he didnt.He only released the key to sign homebrew and nothing else.
    So why are these 2 people getting sued? they did not want to have anything to do with piracy 😀 it is kinda funny how the underground piracy hackers
    get away and sony picks the wrong persons.

  • Oly…I hate you….:)

    bob..I was to understand that it was not reverse engineered from scratch but due to a leaked sdk.

    But you’re right, I was partially wrong. The threats from Graf_chokolo came from the ultimatem he delivered for Sony having several websites issues DMCA notices.

    Its not about piracy but about freely distributing copyrighted information. Like I said earlier, hopefully this lawsuit breaks down the law one way or the other.

  • bob

    there has been an opensource sdk called psl1ght available for quite sometime now. Why would he even need to use sony sdk .
    It is kinda brutal how he got slapped with a 1 million euro fine.
    but that has not slowed down graf.At the moment he has linux running on ps3 Slim.It works way better and faster than before .He has released instructions how to do it. And there will be a user friendly version out soon. How is this bad for sony ? why do they want to stop him ?i can only see more people enjoying this feature which is all they wanted in the beginning before everything got out of control. i dont support those anonymous hackers they are just a bunch lunatics but they do have somepoints. just how they are dealing with everything isnt right.Anonymous vs Sony= bullv vs bully .neiter of them are saints

  • JakeH

    If they actually did attack PSN, that seems an odd move. A good chunk of their supporters are, I imagine, PSN users.

  • cz

    As much as this pisses me off, the “Tsunami victims” spin on this story is ridiculous

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Well as of now, can’t these hackers be arrested? I mean hacking and bringing SONY down is like against the law basically. So why can’t these groups be charged??? I for one do not want to be disconnected this Friday, when I am playing KZ3, BC2 and FF13. And Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Pony suck

    In the end sony f$&k up. Sony doesnt own numbers and letters the mtldr key. If they didnt want the key released or found they should have learnt how to do cryptography properly employ people who know what there doing like microsoft does noones found there key yet oh wait they know how to follow a formula correctly. Also geo or graph didnt enable piracy as i recall it was the psjailbreak team from china. Ps3 still aint as good as xbox 360 every thing runs so much better on xbox.

  • “We at Anonymous believe that Sony is mistreating it’s customers on PSN, and, because we dislike the way Sony is treating their customers, are going to treat them even worse than Sony ever did. Justice!”

    In all seriousness, I like Anonymous in most of things they do, but it’s just stupid when they go off and do something like this. Blocking donations to the tsunami victims? Come on.

  • Jay

    Pony suck: In the end sony f$&k up. Sony doesnt own numbers and letters the mtldr key. If they didnt want the key released or found they should have learnt how to do cryptography properly employ people who know what there doing like microsoft does noones found there key yet oh wait they know how to follow a formula correctly. Also geo or graph didnt enable piracy as i recall it was the psjailbreak team from china. Ps3 still aint as good as xbox 360 every thing runs so much better on xbox.  

    the 360 has been cracked for years

  • pony suck

    Only if you have a jtag which i do 🙂 You still cant sign programs on xboxs that arnt jtaged. As soon as the npdrm keys are released game over sony for good. Yes u can pirate games on xbox but thats all.

  • wth

    wat… is the freakin point of hackin psn!! wow u hacked the psn… now wat.. be bored some more so dumb what is the point u dnt learn nothing… from it wtf

  • blu3

    i don’t get why people are getting so wound up about then “stopping” people from donating to the tsunami no that is a complete lie just because you can’t do it on your ps3 it just means they have to walk to the PC and log in to one of the many other extremely large companies and donate through there or im sure at a push they could walk to the local post office and donate there. this has in no way stopped them donating no one will have gone oh i can’t do it on my ps3 well i won’t bother now and if they have they will just be able to go and donate in a few days when its up again. And seeing as though they locked off the whole psn i believe them stopping donations is a complete side effect and if they had of allowed that one feature it would probably giving sony a position to work back into the system and override the hack which isn’t what they want.

  • anon

    You’ve got to be f***ing joking me right? Anonymous had nothing to do with the PSN being down you dumbf***. F***ing idiots.

  • Alex

    Too bad anonymous didn’t do it.
    Check your damn sources before posting bullshit.

  • Hahahahhahaha!

    Those guys didn’t even read the date this post was made! LMAO!

    @anon, alex : next time you’re going to call somebody that kind of stuff, at least make sure you’re doing it right.


  • PhoeniX

    I believe what Anonymous is doing is just screwing over their ol’ pal GeoHot. Because they’re hacking Sony during the lawsuit against GeoHot, not knowing that all it’s doing is just showing what GeoHot was doing can escalate to.