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Portal 2: Aperture Investment Opportunity #3: Turrets |

Here is another great video showcasing the investment opportunity that you may get if you invest in Aperture Laboratories. As before Valve, in partnership with Aperture Science have released their third video showcasing the turret. Now keep in mind that these turrets are not only for the military, just look at the end of the video and notice how easily they can be setup to protect your loved ones. Maybe we should have our very own EdEN about investing in one of these bad boys, after all he just became a father!

The forth and final video will be released sometime next week. Keep in mind that the game is coming out on the 19th of April, which is right around the corner. Oh and if you haven’t entered our Portal 2 contest, be sure to do so!

  • pedro

    No investments for me today, some employees as capable as those two dim witted robots just screwed up big time and that cost me three grand.

    I wish I had one of those turrets…

  • “We fire the whole bullet, that’s %65 more bullet, per bullet” XD that’s hilarious.

  • Luke

    The videos are really good marketing I think, funny, easy to remember and just give you a little more about the game.