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Loot lovers prepare for May 31st | Dungeon Siege 3 |

Nothing and I mean nothing, gets me more excited then a game with a lot of loot! Diablo 2 kept me busy for 10 years and it was all thanks to the loot. Dungeon Siege 3 is bringing the love of the hunt back with a random item generating system. Think Borderlands and random rolled values per item. This will make for one heck of a treasure hunt to find the all powerful weapon of mass destruction. Take a look at the latest trailer.

The PlayStation 2 was a great system that gave us many titles like Baldur Gate Dark Alliance and Champions return to arms. Expect the same game-play with this bad boy. With titles like Two World Two and Dungeon Hunters, it appears the beloved hack and slash genre is making a come back and I’m fine with that. Especially when you have Couch co-op and 4 player drop in MP over PSN. Factor in the story elements that branch depending if you have another human controlled player in your party and you get what is shaping up to be a promising title. Enjoy the screens.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

  • Luke

    You kind of turned away from this game after giving me that multiplayer info.

  • Wow! I had no idea this game had random generated loot!

    This just suddenly became a day 1 must buy for me.

  • Bad news,

    just read it here that released date has been changed to June 21st. That sucks.

    Did you pre-order Jason?

  • Yeah I put $5 down yesterday for the second time. It got delayed the first time I ordered it for March 22nd. I give up man. I had it paid off for the 22nd the first time. Ill simply cancel it so you guys have a chance of it coming out lol
    @Luke yeah I should have pointed it out again that MP doesn’t allow you to work on a char or find loot for your chars. You are simply a filler to help said person etc.

  • Did you really had to pre-order Jason? I mean, REALLY?

    You knew that was coming.

  • Just went and cancelled along with my membership so everybody is in the clear from this point on lol

  • is sooo confused right now

  • ZFM12: is sooo confused right now  

    happens to everyone 🙂