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New Dead Island Screens [UPDATE] |

Earlier today, Dead Island’s official facebook page released some new screenshots and a concept art drawing, much like they’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. Based on previous interviews, we can gather this is the warrior class, represented by a rap star, who would be at the resort for a private show, well, that is until all hell broke loose.

I hope this means an alternative 3rd person mode will be available, but I have no reason to believe that.

You can check out the new pics after the jump:

Aubrey Norris e-mailed me with the following:

BTW – your story asks if there will be 3rd person in Dead Island, and it is first person only. We are just doing some of our screens in third person so that we can actually show the characters in action. 🙂

  • Oly

    A one-hit-wonder rap star of fading fame, Sam B was booked by the Royal Palms Resort Hotel to perform his well known song “Who do You Voodoo?” at a high profile hotel party. He gladly took the chance to play this gig.

    Once strong, self-confident and proud, Sam B has had a troubled past and a history of drug and alcohol abuse, as his private life became caught in a haze of fake friends and bad advisors.

    Trying to pick up the pieces and earn some extra cash, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by a whole lot of different problems…

  • Really Looking forwards to this game alot

  • Luke

    Like how Aubrey likes Sam B throwing that Molotov because he’s trying to drop it like its hot!

  • @Oly : that’s way more informative then I was (:

    @Luke : lol

    Anyway, sad update ):

    I’m not 1st person biggest fan, but’ll endure, I mean, it’s zombies!

  • Im very excited for this. I need to stop playing left 4 dead daily and find something else zombie related to scratch the itch lol

  • This game is looking pretty lame so far, bunch of zombies and wacky weapons to kill them with ? no thanks.

    deep and engaging story of surviving an zombie outbreak on a tropical island ? yes please.

    it will be interesting to see which one Dead Island really is….

  • @Oly: We want giveaway!