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21 Comments Swarm Giveaway Contest! |

Okay people of the internet. We have another awesome contest! The publisher, UTV Ignition Entertainment, has given us a pair of codes for their awesome new game Swarm. For those that haven’t heard about the game, you are totally missing out. I, personally, think it’s one of the best PSN games out. We were lucky enough to do a Developer Q & A a few weeks ago, and even Review the game ourselves.

In celebration of the game’s release last week, and the demo which came out yesterday, I would like those that are interested to follow us on Twitter and then play the demo. Once you finish the level, please capture a screenshot of your score and tweet it to us! After you do that, just post your tweet in the comments below. The two with the highest score will get a code for the full game.

You have until Midnight EST this coming Wednesday to get your entry in!

  • Giveaways are getting harder every time!

    I guess thanks (for the publisher) and congratulations (to the blog) are in order though. This will be a great contest.

  • Jay

    I should be able to enter this one, as I will have my PS3 back this Friday!

  • highest score :O

    oh god, I dont think I would have a chance.

  • Ajescent

    If only I use Twitter…nah, can’t be arsed 😀

  • Free is good but this game is sooo worth buying!!

  • ajescent: If only I use Twitter…nah, can’t be arsed :D   

    Easy enough to create a Twitter account for the use of this contest.

  • Darklurkr23

    Ooo! So glad I saw this. Going to get on that tomorrow! Will win this.

  • ah damn horrible at high score games like this oh well may have to give it a try anyway

  • So far it seems any admission would win.

  • Darklurkr23

    O yea can I have multiple submissions? Don’t wanna submit my score of 1 and then not be able to do it again 😀

  • Ya just submit whatever your highest score is.

  • @ajescent: You never know how high other people’s score will be so you have a good chance of winning, specially since there’s two copies of the game for you guys to win. And since I got to review the game I WON’T enter this time so your chances have just been doubled (especially if you got a chance to see my high scores hehehe)!

  • Camilo Nieto

    I haven’t been able to reach the score i somehow achieved on Tuesday, wish i would have recorded it so i can figure out what i did right

  • Darklurkr23

    Alright here is my Contest Tweet!

    @ps3blogdotnet Here is my high score for the #swarm Contest! (10,475,011) Crossing my fingers!

  • Luke

    So far Darklurkr23 seems to be number 1

  • Jay

    this is my first try lol:

    LeadBlimp Jay
    @ps3blogdotnet Here’s my #Swarm entry: 3,838,800 on first playthrough

  • Camilo Nieto

    Here’s my contest tweet:!/CamiloNieto/status/60187957532954624

    That’s my best score so far, after many many atempts

  • Jay

    now I gotta try even harder :-/

  • Chronorayven

    I tried anyway 😛
    @ps3blogdotnet best I can do 7,903,382 … oh well

  • Darklurkr23

    W00ts. Time to kill all of those little blue smurfs 😀

  • Winners have been contacted. Have fun with the full game!