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Resistance 3: The Dark Woods of Pennsylvania |

As stated earlier in the week, the Official PlayStation Blog would start rolling out some new 411 on the big hitters that are coming to the PS3 in the coming months. Today, we were blessed to get a Resistance 3 video that is 7 minutes and 46 seconds long. This is footage of the gameplay that you might have heard some of the journalists raving about since a lucky few were were able to get their hands on it. It has our hero, Joseph Capelli, and Dr. Malikov traveling through the flooded waters of the Mississippi. Good thing they didn’t think this trip was going to be easy!

First, I have to say that I really like the theme of this game. I wasn’t really into the first two games, but this one has totally captured my attention. Something about human beings fighting for their survival, and that fact that it doesn’t look cheesy. I also really like the art style in this game, along with the weapon wheel. Can’t wait to see some more information about this game.

Above is a screenshot of one of the maps that you are going to have access to in the multiplayer. It takes place in Bogota, Columbia, at a trainyard. Another thing that I really like what the team did is took locations all over the world as the setting for the multiplayer maps. After all, this is supposed to be an earth invasion; not a United States of American invasion.

  • I wonder what part of PA its depicting. I actually work in PA 😛 lol

  • Jay

    This trailer was very eerie lol. Looks awesome, though.

  • Gameplay looks much better and so do the graphics, but not by much. In my opinion the game still needs a lot of polish. The guns sound the same when shooting sort of. The bullseye sounds the worst. Hit markers are the worst addition to the game. The water mechanics in R2 were amazing. In here they were eh. Like when he shot the board down the ripple effect was crap. And when the bridge is getting demolished, there should be water splashes in some areas, but there aren’t. The plus is the water marks on the screen. The way the ice cracks and breaks is eh, but a nice addition to the level. What I want to see is a variety of climate and weather changes. I want to see rain the most.

  • It looks good, and it seems like the chimera don’t take NEARLY as many bullets as they have in previous games, which is always annoying. I hate having to waste a full clip on the bullseye just to kill a single person. The gore increase is nice too.

  • Oly

    WOW, I’m psyched to play this after watching that! Great stuff there!

  • Blackstaffer

    Why are gamers attracted to UGLY?

  • My interest in this went up a lot when I read it was story focused. That’s something I like.

    Gameplay video seems to do justice to the potential of the game.

  • Blackstaffer:

    Why are gamers attracted to UGLY?