MotorStorm Apocalypse Will Be Releasing on May 3

The official PS3blog, just announced a release date of May 3 for MotorStorm Apocalypse, across North America. They also hinted at an upcoming demo.

Check out the following video with Game Director Matt Southern, “as he talks about his vision for MotorStorm Apocalypse and how the game will deliver one of the best racing experiences to date on the PS3”:

Written by: Oly - Senior PR Manager

  1. #1 by Royalty32 on April 15th, 2011

    Kinda on the fene with this game. Im in need for a arcady racing game and i know this would be the perfect fit but ive seen alot of gameplay videos and im not all that impressed. I think the demo would definitly covince me to get or not to get. I guess if MSA doesnt do it theres always NFS:Hot Pursuit

  2. #2 by Dean147 on April 15th, 2011 [ 359 Points ]

    I’ve had it for 2 weeks =P

    and btw the game is great, really fun. the natural disasters and in race events that happen are really epic and mix things up. I recommend it!

  3. #3 by Jcmdaddy on April 15th, 2011 [ 114567 Points ]

    Looking forward to it.

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