Alice: Madness Returns Will Include DLC of the Original Game

American McGee, told CVG, that the original Alice will be included as free DLC with purchase of Madness Returns.

“There’s also going to be pretty significant release which is the original Alice brought over to the consoles so that a person who’s purchased Madness Returns gets a download code and is able to bring Alice 1 onto their console and play through the entire original game alongside playing Madness Returns.”

This will be awesome, especially for those of us that never played through the first game.

Written by: Oly - Senior PR Manager

  1. #1 by Pedro on April 19th, 2011 [ 39949 Points ]

    I’m loving this tendency. This is great for picking up franchises you’ve never played.

    First game won’t be retouched? HD graphics perhaps?

  2. #2 by premiersoupir on April 19th, 2011 [ 17020 Points ]

    That’s cool. I hope, like Pedro, that it gets something of a makeover. Eleven years is a long time in the gaming world. But for what it’s worth, I recall the first one looking pretty hot — although I may well have that sense thanks to my recollection of the innovative level design (think Tim Schaffer’s Psychonauts avant la lettre).

  3. #3 by Jason on April 19th, 2011 [ 28406 Points ]

    Thats hot. I enjoy the first one from time to time on my pc. God it will look so outdated unless they add anti aliasing

  4. #4 by EdEN on April 19th, 2011 [ 222476 Points ]

    Well, that’s nice of them. Makes it easier to justify the $60…

  5. #5 by Oly on April 19th, 2011 [ 132605 Points ]

    I’m sure they will be updating it for HD

  6. #6 by Jonaskin on April 20th, 2011

    I’d been asking for this in just about every thread about Madness Returns since it was announced. I always really wanted to play the first game so was screaming out for it to be included. Now I can’t wait.

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