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New Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Info |

Today out of nowhere, the developers at Naughty Dog have given us more juicy tidbits on Uncharted 3 multiplayer system. The system is completely revamped in several ways both unique and not so unique ways. Take a look at the list below and see what they have in store for us!

-New competitive mode, Three Team Deathmatch 2 vs 2 vs 2.
-New competitive mode, Free for All.
-Late joining is enabled to ensure you get into matches quicker
-Local spit screen for multiplayer and you can log into two PSN accounts
-Buddy system where you can share treasure with a buddy and spawn near them.
-Full character customization, even named characters
-Emblem editor
-Weapon customization
-One time per game use paid booster system (a la killstreaks but only used once and cost money.)
-“Kickbacks” are like contracts to where you fulfill a goal to get a bonus of some sorts.
-Some multiplayer missions could take days.
-“Power Plays” activate when one team is losing significantly to help give them a boost. While the underdogs get buffs and the winners spawn times are lengthened, the winning team has an opportunity to rack in money at this time.
-If games are too close, “Overtime” will activate to allow for either a come back or a larger win. If the game is STILL close after Overtime, “Sudden Death” will activate which is like elimination, no re-spawns.
-Upload cinema replays directly to Facebook.
-You can now sprint in multiplayer.
-Co-op does exist and has been greatly expanded upon.
-Multiplayer Beta June 28th.

Edit: Booster Slots and Kickbacks added after the jump!

Be sure to check out some of the images from multiplayer below.

Booster Slot 1

Come Here – See the opponent that killed you up to 15 meters until they die
Let Me See – Every two deaths allow you to see all opponents for 8 seconds
Regeneration – Recover from wounds 70% faster
Beast Mode – Move faster with heavy objects by 10%
Scoped In – Reduce pain wobble while scoped in
Fleet Foot – Move faster while aiming
Retaliation – Spawn with limited ammo when killed with a Power Weapon
Cloaked – Opponents will not see your player arrow and you are difficult to hear
Weapon Expert – Add on additional MOD slot to all pistols (Required Rank: 5)
Explosive Expert – Carry an extra grenade
Endurance – Decrease sprint recovery time by 20% (Required Rank: 7)
Booty Buddy – Share what is found in chests
Stealth Buddy – Fill your Medal Kickback when your buddy gets a stealth kill
Sugar Buddy – Receive cash when your buddy does
Thanks Buddy – Shared medals

Booster Slot 2

Back in the Saddle – Respawn time reduced by 2 seconds
Monkey Man – Climb faster
Lucky Me – Increase the [chance] of getting goods from chest by 10%
Bargain – Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 1
Deposit – Earn more money for objective medals
Treasure Hunter – Increase the chance of getting treasures from chest by 10% and see cursed treasures
Ammo Award – Receive ammo for getting kills in a row
Daredevil – Taunt over an opponents body to receive ammo (Required Rank: 5)
Team Safe – Explosives do not knock you down and teammates only receive 1/2 damage from your grenades
Overstock – Medal Kickback limit increased by 3
Power Hunter – See the location of Power Weapons within 10 meters (Required Rank: 7)
Kickback Endurance – Increase Medal Kickback times by 10%
Revenge – Drop live grenade upon death
Explosive, Buddy – Get a grenade for each of your buddies’ explosive kills
Kill, Buddy – Receive ammo for each kill your buddy gains
For My Buddy – See the location of the opponent that killed your buddy until they die

Medal Kickback

Militia Man – No reloading for 30 second. Costs 5 medals.
Disruption – Nearby enemies cannot see player arrows for 45 seconds. Costs 6 medals.
Smoke Bomb – Vanish in a puff of smoke. Costs 7 medals.
Cursed Idol – Throw an idol that releases a cloud of gas that curses anyone who enters it. Costs 7 medals.
Cash ’em In – Double your cash earnings for 30 seconds. Costs 7 medals.
Carpet Bomb – Throw 3 grenades at once. Costs 7 medals.

  • omg was going to say uncharted 2.5 then I saw the airplane lvl wow

  • Now that is impressive! Do the people at Naughty Dog ever sleep?! lol Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Royalty32

    One word…SICK. Nuff said!!!

  • You forgot the best thing. No Situational Awareness!!!. That’s right Bitches. The thing I’ve been complaining about the most is out. Now all you have left is your lack of skill.

    I cannot wait and am pleased as punch to hear that beta access will be given out for purchasing INfamous 2. I’ll be in on the beta immediately.
    This looks like a great Mutiplayer experience.

    And the music track with this trailer is AWESOME. I can’t wait for a few Game nights with the people in this blog.

  • Luke

    You can also invite friends from Facebook. They are going all out on the FB integration in this game.

  • “-Some multiplayer missions could take days.” – Awesome. Man the stuff they’re doing sounds fantastic, I can’t wait until the beta! We’ll definitely be doing Beta game nights!

  • This certainly got me interested!

    Improvements seem welcome, level design seem over the top!

    Most importantly Beta will come really early! Do you get to keep your levels in cases like this? I’ve never entered betas before ;p

  • Going back and actually being able to read this (since I was at work) that “Overtime” system sounds god damn badass. The sprinting and expanded co-op sounds awesome too, and the uploading to facebook of the movies. I just hope I can save them to my HDD this time around! That way I can actually edit them without a computer.

    All in all I’m really excited about all this stuff. The multiplayer of 2 was great, without anything in it really. All this customization is great, that’s one thing more games need is player / weapon customization.

    Can’t wait! BETA!

  • dammit, that didn’t work XD anyways this was a pretty informative interview with ND.

  • i am impressed

  • Jay

    mcloki: And the music track with this trailer is AWESOME.

    omg, are you serious? That’s like the worst kind of music. I thought it was dreadful

  • Jay:
    omg, are you serious? That’s like the worst kind of music. I thought it was dreadful  

    Come on, you have to admit the ‘I want to kill everybody in the world’ line is pretty bitch’n

  • Not my kind of music but I can see how fans of the game and that genre of music would like get goose bumps or something.

    -Local spit screen for multiplayer and you can log into two PSN accounts

    All local mulitplayer games should include this -.- Seems very basic to me. This game is looking very interesting.

  • Jay, I hum that song now when I fire up Multiplayer and kill people. It’s so catchy. Somewhere online I saw the original with the proper Drake “John Williams” Score. Drake “movie” music belongs in the game and in trailers but let the ND guys have some fun and bring something a little different to these teasers.

    It’s not going to stop you playing the game and Jay if it makes you feel any better I whisper it in your ear when I stealth kill you. [FTW]mcloki.

    Buying Infamous for this.