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Netflix Workaround While PSN is Down |

For those of us who subscribe to Netflix, and use it frequently on the PS3, there is an easy way to get around that. I haven’t been on properly in a few days, but I did figure this one out on day one of the outage, and figured most people would have found it by now.

On initial startup of the program, you will be greeted with the PSN log in screen. Go ahead and attempt to log in. It will fail, but your movie list will load directly afterward. Then the log in screen will come up a second time. Again, attempt to sign in, and when it fails, press Circle to cancel, and it will take you to your list and you can use Netflix like normal.

Now, as far as other services go, I’m not sure if similar processes will work for you, as the only third party content provider I use is Netflix. If you have any other workarounds for things like Hulu, etc, please let us know!


This only works on some versions of the app (apparently they have different versions available at a given time for feature testing, etc), so it might be hit or miss, but still worth a shot. Also, apparently, this does not work on Hulu+, but I have only had one person mention that

  • can anyone confirm this is working and you are actually able to watch Movies from netflix.

  • Jay

    yes it works, I’ve been using it that way since the outage started.

    EDIT: Just tried it again and it still works. To make sure it will work for you, do a connection test. If you are able to get an IP address, and an internet connection, it will work

  • KarmaPolice

    This is not always true. I have 3 PS3s and one of them for what ever reason has a different version of the Netflix app. No matter what I do, it will actually prompt and in app message (not os message) stating connection to PSN lost, and required.

    My other two PS3’s work fine, with the work around. I had heard rumors some time ago that netflix has several versions of the app out at any one time to test things out (like google does). This appears to be true.

  • Jay

    @KarmaPolice: Want to get me a shot so I can see what it looks like? I wonder if it’s a newer version or an older one that works. I’ll update the article to reflect that it only works on some versions

  • Oly

    Both of mine seem to work fine..

  • MrHyde229

    Mine works fine using the method above. Watched Top Gear off NetFlix on Sunday using the PS3.

  • Pete

    Mine was working just fine yesterday. Tried to sign in today and this no longer works and prompts multiple times to sign in to PSN before giving the in app message.

    What I don’t get is why it should be required to sign into PSN in the first place. I know the streams aren’t being sent from Sony so why the hell can’t it just go thru Netflix?

  • weed420

    mine don’t work either, better fix that shit.

  • Jay

    weird, mine still works. Checked it just now to make sure

  • Dizzle

    I’ve been able to use said method before psn completely crashed….and i can still get to the netflix menu after doing the failed sign ins but when i go to load movie it says i still need to sign in. And when i do it fails and when it fails it wont load. i think even takes me back to netflix menu
    On some BS

  • mine has been working fine since day 1 and still is guess im just lucky touch wood

  • mommy2

    I was able to use Netflix until 2 days ago. I dont understand why it was working fine and now all of the sudden, it stopped. Whatever version I have is just a tease! Thinking about cancelling it until the network is up again< who knows when that will be. On a different note, I bought my son a PSP 2 days before the crash and am sooo disappointed that he hasnt been able to use it to its full extent. I cant do much on it as it requires the network to enable much of the content. Sony has let me down yet again!

  • wantNetflix

    This does not work for me. I’d report a version number or something but don’t know where to find that.

  • Oly

    Still no issues with mine..

  • Jay

    wantNetflix: This does not work for me.I’d report a version number or something but don’t know where to find that.  

    I dont think there’s a version number we can see, but sometimes other versions look different, or have different features than others. I know back in the day, my version of Netflix had the search feature like 6 months or more before everyone else had it (like I was a guinea pig and didn’t even know it lol)

  • Anton

    This does not work for me. I am able to get past the PSN login, but the Netflix app itself tells me “We’re unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later.” from within the app.

  • Jay

    OK, so here we go:

    On the Netflix app, press “Triangle” and go to “Information”. Your version number should be there.

    Mine is version 2.02. For those who have working versions, and those who don’t, tell me what versions you’re running!

  • Nathan

    I have had Netflix working on my PS3 since the PSN has been down. I do have 2.02, so anyone with this version should still be able to use it.

  • Christine

    Nope. I have version 2.02 as well and mine worked since the PSN went down and stopped working about 2 days ago. This is some BS if you ask me.

    And I’m a little concerned that it DID work and nothing changed and now it does not work when other people with the same version can still use it. Call me paranoid but could this be more of the hackers doing??

  • Hbbtgrl

    I have been using it just fine with this work around all the way up until this afternoon. I was using it this morning just fine and then tried to complete a movie I had started at 11:00 am MST at 3:00 pm MST and it will not let me in no matter what. The message I get is that I have to be connected to the PSN to connect with Netflix. Funny how that can change in just a few hours!!

  • Jay

    I’m not sure if this will work, but there might be a couple things to try.

    1. try disconnecting the router after the PS3 is turned on. Once you reconnect it, and it’s ready to go, do a connection test really quick to ensure you have an IP address and internet connection.

    2. Just try an internet connection test

    It might depend on the error the system is getting as to how far into Netflix you can go to use it.

  • ye im on 2.02 and still working fine

  • Gibber

    My Netflix account will open and I can access movies/shows however about 5 min in to the movie or show my netflix stops working…is anyone else having this problem?

  • wantNetFlix

    Version 2.02 and not working.

    Got as far as queue load. Hit play or resume a previous title. Can’t get out of endless loop of cancelling the login.

  • Jay

    Don’t cancel the login. Just try to log in and let it fail. It should fool Netflix into thinking you’re logged in eventually

  • deezenutz

    i have v2.02 and cant get on. the funny thing was that it prompted to me to log in to my netflix account saying “netflix is not connected to PSN (paraphrase)”, so i log in (while im still bugged by the log into psn crap), i chose a movie to watch, it stops loading halfway with a message “can’t connect to PSN please try again later”.Aint that some Sh%^

  • Steve

    If it was working, then stopped, it may have something to do with authenticating your Netflix account (membership). Clearly PSN is not needed for the streaming of the Netflix movies. However, it seems to me that PSN is used to authenticate your Netflix account which is required before you can load any movies.

    I have three PS3 systems using Netflix. When PSN first went down, I was able to continue watching Netflix movies on two of them, just as many have described. But a couple days ago I logged in to my Netflix account (on my PC) to change the Parental Controls. After that, now I cannot watch any Netflix movies from the second PS3. I get past the login part, and I can see the movie lists. But when I try to play any movie, it gives an error about cannot connect to PSN.

    I wonder if that fact that I changed a setting in my Netflix profile has some how triggered a need to reauthenticate my Netflix account through PSN before I will be able to watch any movies.

    Netflix needs to find a way to use the PS3 platform, but stay completely independent of the PlayStation Network (PSN).

  • Fernanda

    this is something I read in another forum:

    “The LATEST version of Netflix/PSN does NOT allow you to use the back button twice. It gets stuck in an infinite login loop. It depends which software/firmware version you have”

    Well, I’m not sure if that is it but I do have the latest System Update (3.60) and Netflix 2.02

    And not working at all.

  • Jay

    I have the same everything and it still works. weird. it has to come down to some kind of server communication like Steve said

  • I hope they patch both Netflix and Hulu to not require you to be logged into the PSN to connect. You can DL game patches without being logged into the PSN -_-

  • DM

    I have v2.02 and an IP connection and I can’t get in. Netflix allows me to get to the instant q and allows me to select the movie when I push play it requires me to sign into the network which it won’t allow me to do and just keeps asking and asking and asking.

  • DM

    I just called Sony PS3 Network services 800-345-7669 they said sometimes the circle thing works and sometimes it does not they have no work around right now but are phasing in the network services starting this week by region and they have no time frame which regions will go and which will be later. I’m sure Sony has a time frame but of course the customer service person had no idea. So I guess those who can’t sign in what to sit back and wait.

  • Saint Paul

    I was able to use the workaround until around midnight EST on Friday 4/29, and since then when I choose movie, I get the PSN login followed by error saying “PSN login is required for this service”

  • Dan

    I am in the same boat- workaround was working but now I can get as far as the movie I want to watch before it tells me I need to be logged into psn to watch. Super frustrating.

  • hbbtgrl

    What else is weird about our situation at our house is that the work around works in one room but not another. We have 2 PS3’s hooked up the same way. I agree super frustrating!

  • Want_my_Netflix

    What upsets me is I HAD this working, was able to watch anything i wanted until this Monday.
    I watched an episode of TV early morning and then went to bed.
    When i woke up i tried and it prompted me to verify my Netflix information, i verified and it BINGO stopped working. I try eeh work around like before, the movies load in the back ground then i select the title I want, once i hit play it asks me to log in, i let that fail then click O and it says i need to be logged into the PSN.

  • missmyflix

    I finished watching a movie and went to switch to TV show without shutting it off and got the error. Netflix was working for 4 hours and then decided it needed my login…talk about frustrating. That was Monday night. I think there should be a patch to make it independent of the PSN in the future. I can live without my games if I could at least watch my movies.

  • Danny

    This is jacked, because originally when the netflix application was first created for PS3 it did not require a login – you could watch netflix by only signing into netflix – you did not need a PSN account. So it absolutely does not “need” to have a PSN login – its just something that Sony wants apparently.

  • justcuz

    Just use your good ol instant streaming disc that was sent to you by netflix instead of using the installed app from the playstation store. Good luck.

  • Logan

    Sony should not require you to log into their service to access netflix, that is total crap and unnecessary. Since sony is unable to run their own network properly perhaps they should avoid putting people who pay for a service in a position of not being able to access that service. Apparently the matchbook correspondence computer school drop outs they have hire to run, protect and subsequently fix their network don’t possess the forethought to realize the potential problem of this type of setup. Good work Sony….. we are still waiting.

  • This doesn’t seem to be a Sony thing but a Netflix thing. I was working fine for the longest time too, then just Friday or so Netflix asked for my Netflix login data on the PS3. I re-entered it, and went to a movie I wanted to watch, the progress bar began to fill and it asked me to sign into the PSN. If i cancel, it re-requests over and over. If I let it go through, I get this new message from Netflix itself saying a PSN connection is required and kicks me out of the movie.

  • This for sure isn’t a Netflix thing as my house has 2 PS3’s and one runs Netflix just fine, the other doesn’t and hasn’t since April 29th. It feels like Sony is robbing my household, since they are basically holding hostage a service that I pay for and I am not happy about it!

  • Jay

    It is a partial fault of Netflix, as when Netflix asks you to confirm login details for their service (which sounds like is usually the case when it stops working), and since it can’t cross-verify your PSN identity with the PSN being down, it, then, locks you out. Other than that, as long as that Netflix prompt (not PSN prompt) doesn’t come up, it still works, so it’s not entirely a Sony problem.

    After all, since it’s a third party device, Netflix wants to ensure that people are using their properly and not having anything exploited, hence why it might cross-verifies with PSN, as well as, most likely, XBox Live, and Wii’s network

  • @Jay I don’t get an error from Netflix. It just takes me in a never ending loop that says the PSN network is undergoing maintenance. (that is not the exact wording but you get the idea). Netflix comes up in the background as normal I can even move around and select movies or shows, however the whole time I am prompted to enter my PSN log in info and when I try it gives that same message.

  • Okay so Until yesterday I was enjoying watching Netflix in the bedroom on my second ps3, but alas now it asks me to log in to ps3 network when I hit play no more work around for that ps3… running 2.02 Netflix on a ps3 slim… Not all hope is lost seems my 80 gb ps3 in the living room still works with Netflix via the workaround its using Netflix version 2.02 too though which I found odd.. Only difference between the two machine besides of course the age and partial backwards compatibility is ps3 in living room is directly plugged up via cat 6 cord to router other one is wireless. I would unplug and see if its connection, but I don’t want to lose Netflix on the last ps3 in the house to play it. Even went so far see if i could find a media server besides Playon (don’t want to pay 30 bucks for something i may use for two weeks) to stream netflix to my ps3 all to with no luck. Maybe if i had more time I could make ps3 media server stream netflix via windows media center or boxee, but no time to look at code and make it work.