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Newest PSN Update and What You Need to be Wary Of |

Sony has posted a new update on the outage of the PlayStation Network with some more concrete information as to why the network is currently down. Although there was previously only speculation as to why the outage took place, it’s nice to know that Sony has finally brought us out of the dark. So what did they say happened?

We are currently working to send a similar message to the one below via email to all of our registered account holders regarding a compromise of personal information as a result of an illegal intrusion on our systems. These malicious actions have also had an impact on your ability to enjoy the services provided by PlayStation Network and Qriocity including online gaming and online access to music, movies, sports and TV shows. We have a clear path to have PlayStation Network and Qriocity systems back online, and expect to restore some services within a week.

There you have it. The outage shouldn’t last any more than 7 more days, barring any possible issues that may arise between now and then. For now, Sony is unsure if credit card information has been obtained, but as a precautionary method, they advise you to keep an eye out for fraudulent activity, and to change your password and security questions when PSN comes back up.

For more details on steps to follow for your protection, check out the Official Blog

For EU Users

  • I was thinking about this. The overall tone of the news is actually pretty dark, that’s really not what I was expecting.

    Oh well, at least we now what’s the deal now.

  • Insanity. Such depravity. I hope this guy gets caught and sent to a PMITA prison post haste.

  • Rye

    Wow that’s insane. Good to hear that some light has been shed on the ordeal. I wonder if Sony realizes this is gonna effect people’s faith in putting there credit cards back into the store itself. Quick question though.. If this so called hacker did get ALL our info, whats the use of changing our password, when he could easily just put in “Forgot password” Then just fill our security questions/personal info to bypass.

  • Jay

    @Rye: Change your security questions and stuff, too. All other information anyone can get anyway (names, addresses, etc)

  • Los

    So basically Rebug CFW caused this shit.

  • Oly

    OMG.. this is soo bad… Sony owes us soo big.. They better give us $50 credit and other free stuff.. we don’t deserve this!!!!!

  • Los:

    So basically Rebug CFW caused this shit.  


    No not at all. This is much much bigger than that.

  • Not my personal information! Everything that is already up on Facebook! NOOOO!!! MY PRIVACY!!!! XD.

    I’m not worried about anything happening with my card, BofA for me is good about ‘reporting’ things, even when IM the one causing problems. My card is due to expire soon, so I just called them up and asked to send me a renewed card early. That’s what i’m doing. New security code / exp. date. But I don’t have any concerns.

  • cz

    the level of fanboyism in every post on this blog is repulsive

  • Ace

    Oly: OMG.. this is soo bad… Sony owes us soo big.. They better give us $50 credit and other free stuff.. we don’t deserve this!!!!!  

    I agree, too bad I just traded in that piece of junk, time to buy a real machine XBOX 360!!!!!11111!!!1111!!11 WOOOT cauz thy clearly hve wayyy betta gamezz then ps3.

  • cz

    oh hey look 75 million customers may be victims of identity theft and may want to cancel cc cards, change your passwords, oh and sorry about giving your your passwords, date of births, and security answers.. but LOOK some psn services may be up in only a week. yippee

  • Jay

    damn cz, way to take things out of context. Since no one can access our information stored on Sony’s PSN servers, since they are down, no one can change any of that information either, so knowing when the PSN comes back up, we will have a better chance of catching that window and make those changes before any harm is done

  • So hide yo kidz, hide yo wife and hide your drugs.

  • cz

    jay, the point isn’t changing your password on psn! Nobody cares about that. It’s that most people use the same password for multiple sites. Probably 1/2 the accounts now have compromised email accounts because the password is the same. But even worse, the breach involves date of births and *password recovery security questions*. And possibly cc info. There’s more than enough here to allow hackers in russia or wherever to easily take over your identity.

  • Jay

    then that will be more the user’s fault if they use the same password for everything. You can also change your security questions. Most of your personal information is available online anyway, especially if you have a facebook, or even put your name into My information is on there, and my number isn’t even listed in the phone books, nor do I have my address on anything online. How did they get that?

    Point is, most everything is readily available to people anyway. Assuming crdit card information wasn’t compromised, a change in password and security questions/answers should resolve that problem, unless you were brave enough to use the same password for everything

  • cz

    Using global passwords is most certainly dumb, but ridiculously common. The information you post on facebook is not visible to people outside your network of friends. If you aren’t concerned with hackers in Bulgaria having your name, address, phone, email, psn username/password, password security answers, date of birth, and credit card numbers, enjoy living in ignorance until you become a victim of identity theft.

  • Oly

    cz: the level of fanboyism in every post on this blog is repulsive  

    FANBOYZZZZZZZZZZZZ in the hizzzouse!!

  • People who use the same password put theirself at risk. They also put theirself at risk by using any site/service that uses CPNI (customer personal network information) as their secret answer/questions for lost passwords. when signing up to things, make sure the secret questions aren’t readily available info like “mothers maiden name” and more something like “whats your favorite color”

    Anyways…this sucks, but let whoever knows anything about the exact details of this hacking throw the first stone. As far as I’m concerned, we still do not know anything. The only thing we can really get out of this should be the overwhelming sensation to say “F*ck hackers!”

  • Rye

    The thing i want the most owed from sony is, I want them to catch this SOB. Just So i can see his/her face, So i know who’s mouth im gonna wash out with a couple rounds of buckshot.

  • Sooz
  • WTF are u kidding me i agree that totaly sucks but give us free money u must be high if u think that will happen. WHY the f should thay have to compensate us for somthing thats been free all this time. And it ant going to happen anyway mabe ull get a demo or 2 if ur lucky.

  • This is very very embarassing for Sony and it’ll be very interesting to see how they manage to pull themselves up from it. It seems that Sony have made a habit in the last few years, whether by their own actions or by someone elses of taking a few steps forward then taking even more backwards, this setback appears to have been with a mallet to the face.

    It surprises me that they didn’t come out and say this a few days earlier in order to ease peoples fears or at least to get them to check on things like their bank accounts. However, and I say however very clearly we still do not know the full story, we don’t know what is happening regarding the legal situation and the extent of the damage.

    Instead of throwing around fanboyism and defending Sony or barraging them the focus should be on getting the message out there to anyone who owns a PS3 and makes use of the PSN Service.

  • Well I am kinda of pissed that SONY didn’t let us know right off the bat. A senator of CT even said it. That this was wrong. Its up on joystick. But yea Hopefully all my stuff is intact, and everyone heads up. ( Change your passwords, just in case on PSN and everything, I surely am.

  • Oly: OMG.. this is soo bad… Sony owes us soo big.. They better give us $50 credit and other free stuff.. we don’t deserve this!!!!!  

    You were joking, right ?

  • ReMiiXz

    @Oly: Are you serious im just shaking my head

  • i still can’t log in,,,, anything!!!

  • I’m past feeling this sucks, I’m just laughing about what people are saying! Pure comedy!

  • Nice update, I look forward to the restoration of services.

  • dave

    PSN had security questions? umm I remember haveing to do your user name and your address when you first sign up for it, but I dont remember ever haveing any security question options, I used my CC on PSN so you had to put in cc numbers and the code on back and putting in your name but thats it I dont thank their or any security questions on PSN maybe netflex and maybe PSH. if their is please let me know how to find them cause theisr nothing about it were you can change your avatars your address etc…